The Cabinet – Tiny House Build


Working on a patio table is a very difficult task. The umbrella sticks up from the center of the table making maneuvering sticks of lumber to be cut by a circular saw almost impossible. However, it is possible to make a cabinet on it by using a pallet of wood and adding a panel of plywood. houseonwheels2This was my very first attempt other than the garden box on constructing anything with wood. A few months ago I cut up many wood pallets into strips of wood, stained it ebony on one side and painted white on the other. I have a stack to make creations and decided to customize the size of this box for T-shirts. The end goal is to make a row of boxes from floor to ceiling with this pallet wood face finish. Other cabinets will be finished off with smooth birch wood panels. Undoubtedly, I found myself working  in very awkward positions and added too many screws by trying to figure out how to pull it all together.  I added magnetic hardware so the door will pop open upon pressing on it and snaps closed. The next trip to the hardware store means finding adequate trim to finish the face off and unfortunately  the metal tabs will have to be removed for its installation. Already I started to frame out the next box for my jeans and found it to be allot easier. It would also be grand to construct a work table on heavy duty metal wheels, hmmmm.