Summer Time video – mostly from yesterdays excursion

Come join me up and down the trail – captures from yesterdays bicycle ride. It amazes me how much the foliage has covered the landscape. It is very dense with vegetation. I enjoy the fall and spring because I get to go into areas that one cannot in the summer.

‘The Last Drag’

From Series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘The Last Drag’

Mindy pushed off a dinner date at a very fine exclusive French restaurant to go out partying with the girls. It was a Friday night and the party was intense, many drinks, explosive dancing, hot guys. The friends ranted that it was another eventful night having the time of their lives. Mindy sipped her last martini for the night and headed over to the ladies room before taking that long winding road that never seemed to end on these nights. thingsifindonroad6marlboroWater, water, that is what could help out this situation so she let the faucet run ice cold and patted it on her face. Fluorescent lighting adorned the bathroom vanity and it appeared to flicker. Mindy lifted her head up from the sink only to encounter her shocking aging image in the mirror. It became obvious that drinking and smoking had taken a hit on her image. Mindy whipped a toothbrush out of her small leopard print skin purse and tried brushing away the embedded stains. A make up application would have also helped but she did not purchase the wrinkle concealer the other day. Ouch!

The parking lot was pitch dark, walking was difficult in spiked heals. Francine, Tara, Eva waved a goodnight as Mindy drove into darkness. I need a smoke she thought and robotically whipped out from the soft luxurious black leather console compartment a pack of cigarettes. Eyeballing the contents to her dismay there was just one cigarette left. This is my last drag she thought, my very last drag. The cigarette was perched in Mindy’s mouth and inbetween puffs there was coughing and then a sharp gag.

At the red light fog was thickening, the wind was picking up too. Using a manicured nail on a computerized window button, Mindy lowered the window. With arm confidently extended she slowly unclasped her fingers as if to release an object. Yes, there was a drop and this is how the cigerette box was found on the side of the road just at the bend where Main meets Kensington Street.

So what is your story?

‘Classic Garage Rag’

From Series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Classic Garage Rag’

Obviously this ‘Classic Garage Rag’ found itself on the side of the road due to a truck pull over. In my observation it was woven in a very thick heavy duty cotton material. And greasy dirty! What happened? thingsifindonroad3ragCould it be that one of those chugging type dump trucks had a metal grinding engine event. The driver lifted up the heavy hood and placed the rag on the bumper while investigating the repair. It was over for the classic garage rag because it slid onto the side of the road. History!

What do you think happened?

‘Lolly Pop Throw Away’

From Series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Lolly Pop Throw Away’

We can imagine allot of things that could have happened for the demise of this lolly pop on the side of the road. thingsifindonroad2lollypopA mom was driving and the child buckled up in the security seat was getting antsy. The mother decided it would be a great idea to give the child a lolly pop. It could have been a trip to the mall because this lolly pop is semi finished. The child fell asleep. A sibling of course much older tossed it out the window which ended a episode in the car on where to throw the red sticky pop out.

What would your story be?