Blooming Sunflowers

The garden box was crowded this summer. My first attempt planting led to overcrowding of plants but next season I will plan to start earlier and expand to more garden boxes. The tomato plants were healthy but late in blooming. I surrounded the garden box with an organic ‘Giant Sunflower’ variety because they compliment a garden. Here are some captures of my sunflower friends.

Spring Signals a New Beginning

I do not start the new year off with a Times Square champagne splash but with the Season of Spring. This past winter was quite uneventful politically and also taking into consideration weather-wise that hardly any significant snow fell to capture by camera. The holiday spirits were also a reflection of this climate.

On this windy damp April day walk I noticed Spring is arriving late. The dandelions danced back and forth in the breeze. I found myself dancing back and forth with  camera in one hand and holding Lacey dog in the other trying to take a capture of the roadside dandelions. springGreen and yellow buds are deciding to pop out of branches and the skunk cabbages in the swamp also is taking time to unearth itself from the dark brown fallen decayed leaves. In a few weeks they will be decorating the swamp floor adding a brilliant green contrast to the stark naked trees. While walking I contemplated my plans for a project to construct a house on wheels and the next year adventure to do some travel. A few day trips to New York City to explore Central Park and my favorite museums prior to my departure would be grand. Next winter I hope to explore desert landscapes and rock formations. The wildlife will be quite different from North Eastern blue jays, robins, sparrows, starlings, hawks, wild turkeys, bear and deer. At the beginning of next month my bicycle will be maintained and the flat tire replaced with a new one! Cannot wait to get that Cannondale bicycle back out onto the trails.



Autumn Rises and continues!

Today is grocery shopping day and while there I could not resist taking photo captures of their flower display outside and inside. Those photos will be posted on another page because there is a series going on about that topic. While sitting outside the store on a bench, I started a pleasant conversation with a woman. We both were admiring the beautiful blue sky and checking out the fall foliage in the distance. I explained to her that it is going to be another trail and photo day. Tall grassSo I hopped onto the bicycle and headed uphill where two weeks ago I spotted a mother bear and two huddling cubs trying to cross a major road. Hopefully, they will not reappear because it quickly became quite a fiasco. Upon approaching the newly constructed white natural stone wall alongside the road there appeared a glorious sight of tall wild grasses. At that moment it was decided that this would become my first photo phone capture of the day. I forgot thinking about any bear problems.

After a stop off at home to unload the groceries I decided that my plan was to do a usual tour by starting off on busy route 206. On a previous time I located a unique small swamp at an off shoot road. A lagoon is what I like to call it. Just a few days ago it was all dried up and now with the rainfall there is water. However, what lingers in this swampy water is charred gray, black looking decaying swamp grass bumps. During the summer vibrant healthy grasses stuck up out of the water. I overlooked the site and looked for my vision by examining the landscape in its entirety. Suddenly a car sped by and as if pushed by the trail wind my bicycle landed up on the ground. This was good because I did not notice a bungee cord that I used for groceries had wrapped around the bicycle tire. One black thick plastic end hook was latched up on the basket and the other hook on the tire spoke. Beware, and listen to some words of wisdom. Never ever leave a bungee cord in the back or front of bicycle baskets! It took quite awhile to wind it from the tire and there could have been a major disaster and damage to the bicycle. Cranberry Lake

My next selected site was over by the Cranberry Lake. There I traveled onto a small rugged trail that I love and have to carefully walk and place the bicycle tires over rocks to get into those spectacular special hidden places. There are huge boulders and rock formations overlooking the lake and if you venture down from rocks one can find natural peaceful small beaches.

Everything changes with time, trees age, evolve into different shapes and of course at autumn those colors are magnificent. The wildlife makes new homes nested inside trees and attached to limbs. I spotted a hornets nest, and it was HUGE!  Bravely but gingerly I walked underneath this hive and alongside it to take some cool photos. There were a few bees buzzing about and watching my every move. I never viewed before how the exterior of the hive had cells where one could actually see its structure in detail. I did not stay too long because just imagine the angry bees of that hive coming out to get you! I do not think jumping into any lake would ever save me!BUZZThe bee hive

It looks like a squirrel family could reside at this leaning tree. It was very hollow but never would I poke my hand into the hole to find a possible hidden treasure or some critters. Trees have such interesting shapes. Every tree has its own truly unique identity. The bark, its color, size of limbs and trunks all conveys a story. How did the tree get there? How far did the seedlings float in the air? And, at what time of year? When did it die? One thing that is for sure, today, I observed fungus growing on almost every tree. It is very alarming, sad and is this due to Chem Trail spraying? How long will we have our trees? Such a frightening thought! If only trees could speak! Regardless of fungus attacking trees, it is not very often for us to have such a wonderful blue sky. Especially, after the storm, days of rain, I wanted to take advantage of cherishing such a beautiful clear day like today.

Cranberry Lake

I enjoy poking my eyeballs towards the ground cover. Leaves in various shapes, rich colors and textures could be discovered at this level. I usually hover above, stand on rocks, rotting trees or kneel down to capture these forgotten delights.

In the distance a boat engine hums. The water is calm and the ripples of water forms as the boat skims across the placid lake.

This lonely drooping red leaf must have its own life story. Why was it selected to turn color before all the other leaves? Is it just a chain reaction?

After Cranberry Lake, and on my way home, I explored down another road to find this antique agricultural tool propped up on the side of a country excavators property. The harvesting time has ended for this rusted machine.

October 5, 2015 has passed and as I write a new autumn day begins. There will be more to post so stay tuned. I hope that you enjoyed this post!

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God Bless and thank you for viewing!

Fall Inspiration

Fall is that time of year for inspiration. Bold colors adorns the foliage and changes the hues of water. Today, I noticed some transformation taking place and within the next few weeks the landscapes will be totally breathtaking! A glimpse of fallFall brings about a shock wave of ideas to put into writing, painting, weaving and dreams. It is that season for creating and recharging the batteries for the year! I do get excited about spring, however, summer and winter is a lull period for me. There is nothing that tops the fall!  At this time there is still allot of greenery and the colors are bunching up here and over there. The colors are exposing itself as if an artist is dabbing color onto a canvas. Vines wrapped around trees form colored ropes that climb up, down, and around. All I want for Christmas is FALL FALL FALL! Color climbing a tree

It amazes me the transformation of season in relation to my daily bicycle travels. I have taken photographs of the same area and duh per season it truly changes. And, duh, no one notices. They are all caught up with a routine that diffuses their sense of experiencing the environment in which lived. Wake Up! Get Out!

Notice the details!

At this little bridge I stopped to take this capture and a man on a motorcycle came zipping abruptly up to me and said, hello. It was quite awkward. I believe it was a pick up attempt that failed. His motorcycle engine broke down at the spot. Oh well, I just continued peddling my bicycle down the road. LOL!

By the bridge

The leaves are ever so slightly changing color on some trees. As shown in this photo below some green leaves are changing to yellow.

A bit of change in color

These colors truly just blow me away with the vibrant hue and its richness.

Orange Crimson

Nature makes its own watercolor painting.

A natural water color

Some grasses are turning golden brown and transforms the landscape from summer into fall.

The red leaves brush against the tall green swamp grasses.

pink hues

The bird box appears to be resting until next spring.

the bird box

I believe there were some fairies dancing about upon the leaves by this pond full of dreams.

more to come this coming weekend 🙂