A Race to the Finish

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’ – and write about…

Photo Capture: ‘A Finished Beer Bottle’

Mike popped open the lid of his new racing red, 1967 Ford Mustang. The guys mouths dropped open at Andy’s garage when they viewed the
big block V-8 engine. Tony immediately asked if he could sit in the customized drivers seat and rev up his highly rated performance vehicle. Tony pushed on the accelerator peddle and made the following statement: “It sure doesn’t purr like a kitten but it runs like a Mustang!” Tony asked Mike, “How about you taking this racer out tonight on Route 206 for a test drive against my red machine?” thingsifindonsideofroadbeerbottleHe spit a wad of chewing tobacco through the Mustang window and it landed next to Mikes black leather boot. The group of mechanics turned to Mike, one was dangling a wrench over the hood of his car and there was dead silence as they waited for Mikes response. Then as if in tune to the conversation, a shapely silhouette appeared at the garage office door and the crackling of gum chewing could be heard. Tony jumped up out of the car seat and swung his body over the door. A loud voice squealed, “Tony I thought you were taking me out to the club tonight, aren’t you Tony?” “Yeah, yeah, Annette” he said. Annette walked over swinging her hips to music that blared from the two cloth lined speakers that dangled off a peg board. Her spiked high heals clicked against the oil stained concrete floor as she paced towards Tony. Heavy perfume filled the air and Annette aggressively pointed and tapped one long bright orange manicured nail against Tony’s chest, “You bet-ta be taking me to the dance.” she pouted. The mechanics knew that Tony was under Annette s lustful spell. Who could resist such a package, a natural blond wearing tight jeans, plunging neckline and mid-rift stretched black top. Annette also modeled a Maybelline bust-line that made Playboy centerfolds and garage calendar pinups look like flat chested cut out dolls. Mike was wondering what he got himself into rolling up into the garage. All he wanted to do was show off his new red Mustang! Tony grabbed Annette s probing hand and pressed his face towards her shocking frosted pink lips and whispered, “You got me baby.” The phone could be heard ringing from the office and Annette was confident enough with his answer to retreat back to her job. Tony flipped a small hair comb from the back of his jeans pocket, smoothed back both sides of his black greasy hair while saying, “Now where were we?” Mike reluctantly gave Tony two thumbs up!

Luciano’s was the hot spot in town. A night club where all the bands playing the latest hits, battled over prominence in the county. Thick
cigarette smoke fogged the colored stage lights and Mike pushed through the dense crowd with his date in tow. While ordering drinks a
familiar perfume smell entered his nostrils and he followed it to find Tony and Annette leaning up against the black upholstered bar,
savagely making out. After formal introductions, Annette and Betty proceeded to the ladies room to freshen up giving the boys time to
schedule a race. Annette s favorite song started playing, To Sir With Love by Lu Lu. This did not prevent her from rushing into Tony’s arms
for some slow dancing. All the girls started to scream when the band started to play, The Monkees hit, I’m A Believer. Dancing heads could be seen bobbing up and down throughout the club. The drinks were flying all night long and at two a.m. the bright white lights started to
flicker, signaling the night clubs closure.

Mike and Betty sat in the Mustang waiting for Tony to pull up in his muscle car, a 1959 GTO. Both vehicles with tires screeching against the pavement sped out of the parking lot heading towards Route 206. All the guys were meeting at an intersecting light and Pete would
be holding a green flag to start the race. It was understood that this race would be flat-out, fast groove. The cars sped with Mike in the
lead, handling the Mustang to perfection. Becky looked over her shoulder and screamed to Mike that Tony’s car was smoking. There was a loud bang! Obviously the GTO motor was blown. Suddenly sirens could be heard and lights were flashing as a police car entered into the race. Betty was panicking because she knew that Mike had too much to drink that night. The car window rolled down, and there was a clink. – and this is how Betty’s beer bottle ended up on the side of the road.