‘Natures Bounty’

I am starting to go through the closet and getting into the urge to complete and paint more paintings. Of course, I also love to hike in the woods and take photos but those booger tics are in abundance this year. Even along the side of the road. Meanwhile, here is a painting that was scooped up out of the closet corner that I did titled ‘Natures Bounty’, oil on canvas.


Their BACK!

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Their Back’

These two gnomes appear to be guarding the base of a mailbox at the side of the road. Every year the two gnomes just show up presenting flowers and a mushroom. It is a jungle out there, especially when it comes to the side of the road. I often wonder how they land at the same spot and miraculously survive not getting hit by a car, lawn mower or postal truck!


Mothers Day Variety!

I stood by the entrance to the grocery store admiring all the lovely flowers. A man walked in and with great speed picked up a bouquet of flowers. I did not see too much thought in his selection process. mothersdayflowergrocery1Any flower will do as long as it’s a flower. This is the impression that I received and I wondered if this is how he treats a relationship with his mother. Fleeting! STOP, and take the time to put much thought in what you are doing and think about details. Mothers do have favorite color selections and flower types just like you do! There is a vast amount of flower varieties to make your Mothers Day designed especially for her. . . Does she love sun flowers, tulips, roses…? Look! The flowers are also enveloped in beautiful bright bold papers and printed designs. Tell your mother how you were truly thinking of her when you made that purchase!


To Be Without A Mother…

People take their mothers for granted. Cherish each day as if the last because time flits by in a blink of an eye! Hug your mother each and every day and say I love you! If your mother has passed call up and send flowers to a friends mother or a neighbor . . . 🙂 As the saying goes, Reach Out and Touch Someone!


Are You Kidding Me! . . . A Mothers Day Marathon!

Mothers Day Marathon … incredible, but very interesting to see communities are hosting Mothers Day Marathons.  However,  there is a combined marketing agenda. Charities are now tagging along and trying to scoop up some donations for a cause. I believe that mothers have been used enough and these not for profits should just butt out of Mothers Day! It is moms day!


Now Mothers Should Receive This EVERY DAY!

Mothers should receive this every day and be presented with it at the breakfast table. Although, it could present a nuisance at the end of each week. What would one do with all of those flowers? Many can be planted outside such as this grouping I captured today at the grocery store. This year like no other prior year is ‘flower hot’ to capture Mothers Day sales. The manager of the grocery explained to me that I should get it while I can because the flowers move out the store very FAST!