Spring Signals a New Beginning

I do not start the new year off with a Times Square champagne splash but with the Season of Spring. This past winter was quite uneventful politically and also taking into consideration weather-wise that hardly any significant snow fell to capture by camera. The holiday spirits were also a reflection of this climate.

On this windy damp April day walk I noticed Spring is arriving late. The dandelions danced back and forth in the breeze. I found myself dancing back and forth with  camera in one hand and holding Lacey dog in the other trying to take a capture of the roadside dandelions. springGreen and yellow buds are deciding to pop out of branches and the skunk cabbages in the swamp also is taking time to unearth itself from the dark brown fallen decayed leaves. In a few weeks they will be decorating the swamp floor adding a brilliant green contrast to the stark naked trees. While walking I contemplated my plans for a project to construct a house on wheels and the next year adventure to do some travel. A few day trips to New York City to explore Central Park and my favorite museums prior to my departure would be grand. Next winter I hope to explore desert landscapes and rock formations. The wildlife will be quite different from North Eastern blue jays, robins, sparrows, starlings, hawks, wild turkeys, bear and deer. At the beginning of next month my bicycle will be maintained and the flat tire replaced with a new one! Cannot wait to get that Cannondale bicycle back out onto the trails.



Stroke of a Brush – part one

Paintings by elizabeth mclaughlin

oil, acrylic, wood block, canvas, board

All Season Flower Grocery – edited

A few weeks ago when I was at the grocery store there appeared to be a new shipment of my favorite sweet fragrance flowers on display. Bouquets of assorted natural and over-dyed colored flowers with sparkles were set into plastic containers. Digitally I wanted to edit the captures of these arrangements. The emotion of seeing these pretty displays and the contours of floral shapes is elevated to another platform for appreciating natures gifts by photo editing. There are twelve numbered images posted below. Which image do you like best and why? 

Number One:


Number Two:


Number Three:


Number Four:


Number Five:


Number Six:


Number Seven:


Number Eight:


Number Nine:


Number Ten:


Number Eleven:


Number Twelve:


How a Grocery Store Captures Me!

This year upon your arrival at the grocery store, I can guarantee that outside displays will draw you like a magnet towards making that purchase of pumpkins, mums, flowers … and there is no more change left to enjoy. Don’t you just love it. 

Solution, strike out the phone and bring it home!

Every pumpkin was shouting out at me to take it home!


Huge boxes filled to the top with pumpkins!

Beautiful mums ranged in color, sizes, adorned with corn husks!


At the floral department you have to gift yourself with a bouquet. It wards off winter blues and I know it gives me a lift.

I can just smell all the sweet flowers.

All I can say is be STRONG!

In The Heat Of The Day!

It is a hot one today, I have the fan blowing and it helps just a wee bit. Just blows that hot air around and around. I have been busy investigating some marketing ventures. And that takes up allot of time! Walking and bicycle riding up and down the road in the heat and have not discovered any interesting objects to add to the road side finds. One bent snow shovel but will post that later. LOL – at least it offers some coolness from this dead heat. I was able to catch up on some tweeting and posted a video highlighting a classical music tune. Also did a narration on a news topic that I have been meaning to cover. So I have been keeping myself busy. Spring has passed and as you can see the greenery and flowers are filling up the landscape. Hopefully when the weather breaks I will venture further into a village and see what is happening locally. Keep cool!

Yellow Flowers In The Field