About ‘All Season Flower Grocery’

Everyone goes to the grocery store and loves flowers. I am starting to look at the task of shopping for food as a visit to the library. The grocery store has a specific section that I totally enjoy and investigate upon entering the store. The beautiful flower displays! springtransformation84flowersshelfI think that this is a deliberate move on behalf of management to usher the flowers up to the entrance of the store. Flowers make certain for allot of smiles and shopping. In either way of their marketing schemes, I will take full advantage of my visit to the store and share this experience with fellow flower followers throughout the year.  The posts will be series titled, ‘All Season Flower Grocery‘, photos of grocery plants and flowers.

springtransformation85flowersshelfToday, when I approached the grocery store a classic selfie woman arrived at the outside flower department pushing her shopping cart, cell phone in ear. I decided to check out the next display cart of purple flowers and she turned her cart around to disturb my photo shoot. Not only was she abruptly entering my space with that bullying cart but was also having a very loud piercing cell phone conversation. Publicly rude! Regardless of this annoying energy, I was able to capture some space and a few photos for this series start up page. Enjoy!