‘Beyond Repair’

How do you think these items ended up on the side of the road?

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Photo Capture: ‘Beyond Repair’

Today was another beautiful day. Well it was better than yesterday allot warmer and the sun was out shining. A bird chirping type of day. I decided to assist my sister and her friend with their kayak launch. The lake is less than a half mile from the house and only one car was available to make two trips with the kayaks. Last year the kayak bounced to the front of my sisters car and cracked her windshield. Oops! She does not want to take another chance after having to repair her windshield two times due to road debris.

'Drifting I' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Drifting I’
by elizabeth mclaughlin

However, I decided not to go with them and perhaps next week I can devise a small trailer apparatus to attach to a kayak for my bicycle to tow. Now that will be a sight going down the road! Anyway, I was left in-between the pick up at the lake with a kayak and decided to take a spin while waiting for the other kayak. A boater assisted me with my launch and off I went into the peaceful abyss of drifting. While drifting I took some photos and very shortly thereafter my sister and friend with kayak in tow arrived at the lake. I decided to walk back to the house and went down the road only to discover a notepad on the side of the road. Luckily, I had my camera with me to take a capture.

'Beyond Repair' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Beyond Repair’
by elizabeth mclaughlin

The LCD screen was severely cracked and chipped beyond any repair. It looked fairly new nestled in a sleek black case. Perhaps someone going to the lake had it on their boat trailer and when it reached the steep incline in the road it bounced out. I can only make this conclusion, as to how the notepad ended up at the side of the road.