Sketch A Doodle part two

Drawing free form, not necessarily from point to point, corner to corner but from memory . . . 

I had to add a – Let’s DANCE!

Sketch A Doodle part one

The sketch book. Everyone must have a doodle pad or a doodle sketch book to mindlessly draw for pleasure. During my darkest years there was no internet or even electricity. For entertainment I would crank up the radio and break out a sketch book and draw away by oil lantern light. Now a book could be found in my smooth brown leather handbag for writing notes and drawing. Drawings become book marks. Templates of a time past where one can go back and bring to one’s mind when such a drawing took place.  For example the coffee cup and the sail boat was rendered while a passenger in a car. I totally dislike thruway traffic and always prefer being the driver and in complete control. Especially when the driver is your older sister. Drawing became the perfect distraction tool. Perhaps I wanted to be on a boat sailing out of that situation and a latte. Rabbit was doodled at springtime. I recall the smell of fresh lilacs as they drooped from long branches on the blossoming trees at the previously owned back yard. The tea-pot is a rendition of an old silver plated tea set that had seen its day. And collages of shapes, objects, nature and images are bound to create a whimsical visual pallet. Usually a pencil, ball point pen is used to draw. Sometimes just a red pencil would suffice to creating a drawing that simulates a Rembrandt technique. I enjoy a free style when drawing in these small sketch books. It is really not a finished drawing because I like the freedom of going back and adding to a drawing at any given whim. To me drawing is all about the freedom to draw and freedom to doodle.

Let’s dance!