What Did You Do Lacey Dog!

I was on the computer and very involved about creating a video. I had uploaded all of the fall captures from two days and preparing for a narration.  Lacey was under the desk and pulled the power cord out from the computer and it crashed. Upon many attempts to reboot it all I get is a pitch black screen. The computer was barely chugging along prior to the crash and can only hope that tomorrow it will miraculously recover on its own. Otherwise. a computer fairy will have to visit and gift me with a new one. 🙂

‘Lacey’ Dog

Lacey came to me at six weeks old. She was a rescue after going through two previous owners. Scared and confused in my arms she cried for a mother and to be loved. She looked like a little muskrat and slept alongside my head which was very odd. After years of love Lacey knows that she has a home that will never be replaced.

'Lacey' by elizabeth mclaughlin

by elizabeth mclaughlin