Easter In December !

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: “Easter Basket Find”

Mrs. Esther Caloway always presents the perfect parties. Esther mails out lovely personalized hand written invitations that include a local artist watercolor rendition of her house. And without any doubt everyone that makes this list also becomes the talk of the community. She resides at the most influential address located on the outskirts of town, down an aged tree lined street that passes a historic church, cemetery, governors estate and overlooks the river. Everyone knows about this Victorian mansion, and it’s famed history. Guests generally arrive early afternoon and parade their polished automobiles through the main white wooden porte-cochere driveway. A butler escorts guests into a parlor room to be served a wicked spiked pink punch and then gather outside the music room to enter the serving room. Impressive, heavy antique pocket doors enhances both entries to this room. The combination of ornate side walls and lengthy shelves creates an impeccable butlers production line.
basketfind4Here the butler tends to elegant limouge dinner plates for serving guests at elaborate dinners. But for this yearly winter event, guests walk through a self service buffet presentation of honey glazed ham, roasted turkey with paprika, tea sandwiches, Waldorf salad and deserts, then reunite at the formal dining room. Usually intelligent conversation bounces off the high stunning ornate molded ceiling and a sixteen foot traditional artificial Christmas tree with Sotheby’s ornaments graces a corner. Esther never has to bother planning on decorating it each year because the tree is kept up every day though-out the year. Esther does admit how it must be a pain for the maids to properly dust on a weekly basis.

This years guests arrived, nuns from the local convent, judges, authors, photographers, reporters, artists, musicians, actors, engineers and the town mayor. All dressed in their Sunday finest for this December 12th, Saturday event. The punch was sipped down and the pastel pink plaid plates topped off with delicacies in one hand and a pastel plaid linen napkin the other. The crowd is summoned into the dining room where a pianist starts a jovial tune. Esther distributes music written on parchment and she encourages everyone to collaborate with song. The sun begins to set over the grand river and its warm last glow of light for the day embellishes the room. Every table displays a delicate hand blown glass basket, containing an assorted spring color Easter egg candy. Delicate, Spring floral roping drapes the grand piano and Waterford Crystal vases are filled with white lilies. The butler, Charles disappears and reappears wearing an Easter Bunny costume and everyone could hardly contain themselves, joking and laughing out loud. basketfind3Esther makes an
announcement that the Easter egg hunt will commence out in the parlor. On the back of the music parchment sheets, detailed directions were highlighted for each guest to find their personal hidden Easter treasure treat.

The Wallace s were leaving the party, and repeatedly thanked Esther for such a monumental Easter in December party. Their chauffeur pulled up the black limo to the grand entrance and the butler handed over a woven Easter basket, the Wallace s fun Easter treasure treat find. He tossed it into the back of the trunk not knowing it did not fully close and off they drove down the tree lined street.

And this is how a beautiful bright colored Easter Basket ended up on the side of the road, December 12, 2015. 


‘Shattered Dreams’

How do you think these items ended up on the side of the road?

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Shattered Dreams’

Chastity made sure that she was up bright and early because it was Christmas Day. Usually the family congregates at the bottom of the antique staircase because this is where the main Christmas tree was displayed. Its stand was a huge deep shiny brass sculpted bath tub fit for a king. Undoubtedly, it was a original kings bathtub. The night before family members and invited guests had a hunters brunch and then decorated the twenty four foot spruce tree while walking up the four story staircase. ‘Devin, Chastity’s father greeted everyone and when it was her turn to receive a Santa gift he guided her to the library window.

'Shattered Dreams'

‘Shattered Dreams’

“Close your eyes and Open up your hand”, Devin said., as he pressed a key into her hand and “open your eyes”. Chastity screamed with delight, “daddy thank you so much, thank you so much” and she rushed frantically out the grand front entry door. There parked in the circular driveway was a brand new black Mercedes sports convertible. The car was adorned with a big red glittering bow, ivy, and trim. The scene looked like a television commercial ad. All that was missing were some elves. For months she could only dream and talk about was that car and now she has it! Chastity jumped right into the drivers seat and sped away for a test drive and did not even care that she still had her nightgown on and pink satin slippers. Zipping around the curves and heading towards route 206 all of a sudden her satin slipper slided off the clutch and Chastity lost control of the car. It flipped over once and crashed into the huge elm tree. Sirens could be heard in the distance.
And this is how the shattered crystalyne rear view mirror ended up at the side of the road.