The Data Faucet and ‘How To Fix It.’

The Data Faucet and ‘How To Fix It.’ by Elizabeth McLaughlin

How do you fix a leak? Upon making an emergency call to a plumber, he/she would tell you to turn off the source to the leak. And then you look for where the leak is coming from. After not having a cellular phone for many years and purchasing a new one for future travel, I found that the above scenario also pertains to using the internet / apps. I thought that this technology was supposed to simplify life but it just complicates it more because now I have to spend the time to manage my data usage. Or else I could expect to be
spending more than anticipated. datafaucettPOOF! And within a few short weeks your data is gone! Only after a months usage I knew that there had to be a structured plan to organize my data usage. My recommendation is to start with a fixed minimum plan and use your data according to normal usage for a month. Download those appealing apps. Shock! OMG! You will quickly find that all those tweets, notifications of weather emergencies, volcanic eruptions, what is for sale locally … consumes your data. Well I can turn off notifications to those apps but if it is not being used why have it at your tempting wandering fingertips.

Identify your needs for usage by interests, must haves, and delete apps until you determine a need for it. Then download it. Many apps have reviews so do some reading prior to any downloading. Make a note of what you could find useful as a resource. Slow drips can also add up such as a kitchen timer, guitar tuner … and adds to the drainage of your wallet. For instance how many times would you consider paying for a kitchen timer? Although a lot of fun and cool to use, I would prefer to making it a one time purchase of the actual physical product. Looking up that pizza parlor phone number where a pizza is ordered every week. Put the phone number in your contacts. What about those that have a blog and upload data to it! Put yourself on a schedule, make your blog a weekly, monthly periodical and inform people when they could expect updates.

A provider could offer unlimited data package but it was explained to me that after a while the service slows down with usage. Also for travelers the service is not available in rural locations. And then there is a provider that offers free phone usage and unlimited text with a data cap. The service is available to most locations for travelers.

I hope that this information brings about some awareness to the use of data and the internet. If anyone has any tips, worthwhile dependable services to prevent the nasty drips, please post below! Happy webbing to you all!

‘Last Call’

How do you think these items ended up on the side of the road?

One Capture of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Last Call’

Billy walked out of the house and did not look back. He just had a confrontation with his father about not being able to find any employment. There has to be some kind of work perhaps in another State because New York does not have anything to offer. Billy completed college with a degree in marketing and also had work experience under his belt but every opportunity slowly disintegrated before his eyes.

Billy was now on the road for two full months, hitting food pantries along the way and sleeping out of the car. His spirits were becoming very low as each door and pavement he pounded inquiring for work left him speechless.

'Last Call' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Last Call’
by elizabeth mclaughlin

On the cell phone Bill would check every day for any responses via email to his endless responses to ads that boasted, hiring now! It was getting late as he drove onto the exit ramp at Parsippany, New Jersey. The cell phone rang that familiar tune, “On The Road Again”. Quickly Billy pulled over and flipped the silver lid to the cell phone, it went dead. His time ran out and absolutely no more money to reactivate the service. And, this is how the cell phone ended up at the side of the road.