Autumn Ends, Winter Begins

Today I took a bicycle spin into the trail.  It was just after noon time and the sky was clear blue. The lighting was overwhelming even in the woods. Shadows cast everywhere, the light was very strange  and also experienced many moods for one day. I decided not to edit out any photos and you will find part one to be very different from part two. In a way the day captures become a study about light that I want to share.

Today my bicycle had a flat tire. It was a slow leak and not noticed until the end of the day at home. That tire did get a few years wear and allot of miles, so I really cannot complain. The next series of nature captures will be when it snows! I have allot of material to start creating, experimenting on the art-side.

Fall-icious part two!

The Lacey dog crash of the computer happened again and had me off track as to what day and where I was with posting about Fall-icious. It is back to the season of Autumn and posting all of those exciting hues and shades of brilliant colors that makes this time of year so spectacular.

On the Cranberry Trail, Sussex County, New Jersey…

You are going to start to love the weed trees like I do during fall!

Thank you for viewing and there will be more to come as the season progresses. Please share! 🙂

Fall-icious! part one

It is incredible how quickly nature makes it changes. Today I went out onto the trail and noticed many people out and about on their bicycles or hiking! For a Monday I thought that this was quite odd.  Anyway I was hoping to capture more of the blue berries but could not find it! Perhaps the bears and birds already made off with it. But I also noticed that other vegetation was gone too! So you better get out there to enjoy this seasons gorgeous colors!  Here are some highlights!