‘Barn Close-Up’

Series Title: ‘Spring Transformation’

Title: ‘Barn Close-Up’

'Barn Close-Up' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Barn Close-Up’
by elizabeth mclaughlin


There is a ‘thing’ about rustic barns…

I like rustic barns. Some you can call quite charming and others alarming but both types has its place. Rustic barns become part of the landscape with branches poking through side walls and roof tops. Doorways that entice you to enter if you dare too.  I have notice that owners try to preserve the skeletal frames by placing new tin roofs and adding a fresh coat of milk paint. Often I find these relics while bicycle riding and this coming season it would be great to find more!rusticbarnwordpressuploadrusticbarnIIwordpressupload