Peppermint Green Tea and Honey

Rainy weather always calls for cleaning and sifting through projects. I tend to relish these days but Lacey dog does not. I am also grateful that it is not chilling bone cold with snow. Lacey dog day crashes when I open up the back door and there are many puddles to go through in order for her to find a place to take care of business. She retreats back to her warm cozy bed but gets anxious during the day to go out and see if the rain has ended.

While waiting for art supplies,


Still Life Water Color by elizabeth mclaughlin

I decided to set up the portable desk top drafting table. It has been years since I slid that ‘T’ Square and did something on the graphics wild side. Last evening at the office supply store I spotted a very inexpensive clamp on black metal swivel studio lamp, so now I can see while working. What a difference that lamp made! The halogen free-standing lamp did not perform up to my expectations and it gave off too much heat. In order to use this lamp it must be rewired for a friendlier bulb. A few days ago the temporary construction work table had to go into the garage and Tiny House on Wheels project put into sleep. Somehow, it is beginning to feel not like Christmas but sitting at a car that does not have its engine. I have to laugh but in good time the challenges and tasks to projects will fall into place, now it’s time for that peppermint green tea and honey.

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