No Problem with a Diet here!

The holidays are here and watching ones weight seems to be striking a cord at social media outlets. Not to worry – if you are concerned about loosing weight and artistically creative there are ways to bite the hunger pains by following some simple strategies. Although my situation is that I am not watching my weight by design. Here are some short clips about my dining experience from last year and this year!

2015 Thanksgiving Feast

2014 Thanksgiving Feast

LemonChronicle Videos

A Day Filled With Nature

Summer Time – photo captures on the trail to Wildflowers

Art and Images by Elizabeth McLaughlin to Classical Music

About Paddington Bear

A Tiny House Theft !


Santa Gifted

The Communist Grinches that tried to steal Christmas!

I Love PaRiS Bonjour (mini photo capture series)

Day After Thanksgiving

Chicken Pot Pie Thanksgiving, thanks Cuomo

Thanksgiving Day Winter Escape!

Fall Season Ends Close Up 2 – (2014)

Fall Season Ends Close Up 1 – (2014)

about PRINCE the dog left tortured and starving…

ChemTrails at New York State

I will reserve this page for posted videos.

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