A Short Dog Walk

Today is beautiful, finally a clear blue sky and puffy white clouds. It is still a bit chilly out but bearable.





A Short Hike On The Highway

A short hike to the grocery store. Uphill and downhill. Why is it that people always pull over and offer a ride when I reach the top of the hill? To this day, I cannot figure that one out. A nice young man did stop and offered me a ride but I explained to him that I was breaking in the hiking boots. He said, “that is a huge hill”. I told him that I already was at the top of the hill and the rest is a breeze. Thanked him anyway, and at least it confirms that there are still nice people out there but one cannot be too  comfortable with that thought considering all the hikers that are missing every year.

Cycle Trails

mephotowordpress‘It is an absolute necessity for me to cycle trails. It is a similar experience to a drive through movie but more interactive because the bicycle is in constant transit and you get to commune with natures screen.’

Local communities often have meet-up groups for singles and people who just enjoy the same interest. Luckily a trail is within a stones throw from where I reside and today I took a short spin to enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook. It was quite peaceful and serene. The cycletraillinoprintwordpressground still casts some snow cover but it is melting because the weather is changing to a more enjoyable comfortable climate. People are starting to venture outdoors with dogs in tow to enjoy some fresh air and I spotted a few. The woods still appears bare but tranquil. Babbling brook water is crystal clear from snow melt as shown in the short video posted below.


Bear Attack NJ and When Bears Do Attack

This morning I came across an article that caught my attention. Being that I hike, bike along the trails and have spotted bears it became appropriate to do a small video highlighting this topic. It is hibernating time and people should not venture near caves even when that period has lapsed. Bears are testy animals and with a warm winter they will be a bit more agitated, cranky, I would think. The article also posts an audio of a child and how he remains calm during rescue efforts, and explains how the Scoutmaster enters a cave to be attacked by a black bear. The emergency team was quick with helicopter and emergency vehicles to rescue the injured Scoutmaster. . .

Summer Time video – mostly from yesterdays excursion

Come join me up and down the trail – captures from yesterdays bicycle ride. It amazes me how much the foliage has covered the landscape. It is very dense with vegetation. I enjoy the fall and spring because I get to go into areas that one cannot in the summer.