A Short Dog Walk

Today is beautiful, finally a clear blue sky and puffy white clouds. It is still a bit chilly out but bearable.





Cycle Trails

mephotowordpress‘It is an absolute necessity for me to cycle trails. It is a similar experience to a drive through movie but more interactive because the bicycle is in constant transit and you get to commune with natures screen.’

Local communities often have meet-up groups for singles and people who just enjoy the same interest. Luckily a trail is within a stones throw from where I reside and today I took a short spin to enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook. It was quite peaceful and serene. The cycletraillinoprintwordpressground still casts some snow cover but it is melting because the weather is changing to a more enjoyable comfortable climate. People are starting to venture outdoors with dogs in tow to enjoy some fresh air and I spotted a few. The woods still appears bare but tranquil. Babbling brook water is crystal clear from snow melt as shown in the short video posted below.


Primitive ‘Morning Dove’ Print

A New Year arrived and I still remember Christmas day, the winter air was crisp, enticing and filled with a dash of fresh coolness and the scent of ever-green foliage. Nature signaled that this year will be filled with opportunities!


I had glanced outside the frosted window pane and noticed that throughout the woods, vibrant and dancing sunshine draped its warm light up against broad tree trunks. This Christmas no pressured requirements transpired such as the necessary tree to accent the living room, Holiday light strings to unwind or the unboxing of tinsel decorations. Absolutely no signs of depression or thoughts of doom, all I wanted for Christmas would be an offering of Holiday cheer. After-all, some years a person could just feel enlightened and this was one of them. My primary focus became directed to the art of gift giving. At times past midnight the knitting felt like my life calling to work at a real Santa’s workshop located in the frigid cold of the North Pole. Having worked in the distant past as a somewhat inspired elf, graphic artist, on a weekly newspaper in Yorktown, I again found myself feeling a bit under a frantic time budget with a shortness of breath deadline. And, it required manual plus articulated speed. I also felt confidence that this gift idea should work primarily because of an experience of a life-time ago. My mother instructed me at a young age the craft of knitting and this skilled lesson was imprinted in my brain knittedhatdesignand only to re-surface as a calling this year. I designed, one, two, three brightly colored sherpa hats. And, one, two, three, four, five, six, neck or head warmers wrapped in fragile brightly colored tissue papers and neatly placed into a gift bag. Karma struck or I should say it was Gods’ love shining upon me when I found perfect complimentary gift bags that pictured a lifelike, reindeer wearing black framed spectacles and a knitted Christmas scarf.
A Holiday card is a prime necessity and must convey a harmonious gesture of good tidings for next year. Also a card that could be enjoyed throughout the year! The ultimate unique artistic gift should also posses this requirement, a decorative topping like sweet icing to a cup cake. Therefore, I hunted down the black wired basket that housed every necessary tool for the makings of a linotype print. ‘One of a kind,’ I murmured to myself and in celebration of nature and Gods’ glory should be interpreted into a primitive design. After many hours of tedious carving, a primitive ‘Morning Dove’ appeared on the wooden block, as if it came from the same time when a morning dove found its way onto my front porch. I was truly blessed when she crafted a woven nest inside the beautiful hanging basket of red geraniums. I enjoyed watching this dove produce eggs and teeny birds that eventually learned by their mother how to fly. While thinking about these pleasant thoughts from the past to soft Christmas chamber music chimes, I lined the finished prints upon the drafting table, carefully taping down for trimming and then lightly adhering the print to a white card stock base. Indeed it was a perfect highlight to the brightly colored knitted gifts.


Permanence is the utmost virtue and by using a very fine black marker, I scripted a message inside each card that conveyed to its reader a flight of fancy for this ‘Morning Dove’ print.
‘This print could also be matted and framed if one chooses to do so, thus carrying the spirit of Christmas throughout the years to come.’ Enjoy your primitive print, ‘Morning Dove’!
Hoping that inside my spirit the primitive ‘Morning Dove’ flight will never end, and be enjoyed by all, I placed each gift bag into its own designated brown, top priority, cardboard shipping box and let it fly by postal service!
Now it’s time for the next project! – Spring-time, anyone!

So Let’s ROLL!

I purchased a small sports camera that came with oodles of attachments and specifically the one that attached to a bicycle handlebar made the sale. The cost was not that much compared to other sport action cameras, and I never created a video before, therefore, it made sense to give it a try. There are a few settings that need to be tested out and one has to become familiar with how those options operate under lighting conditions. So Let’s Roll is a short inspirational film that I hope you will enjoy and share.

Just a Short Walk

Recently while doing computer maintenance work I came upon photo captures from the month of April. I chuckled to myself about the decision made to become adventurous that bright but semi-sunny day. Even though the black Cannondale bicycle had a flat tire from last Fall hanging from its rim, determination drove me to acquire a Skill saw. This tool was needed to complete a small project that consisted of sawing down a collection of wooden pallets. In order to achieve the desired aged quality look, the pallets weathered for two years and were now primed to be sanded and stained. With my high-tech looking black shopping cart with red rimmed wheels in tow, I decided to take to the highway. Unfortunately, this particular shopping cart had to be manufactured in China and for people with short arms. The cart handle was too short and it was necessary to utilize a homemade bright yellow hand knitted scarf to extend the length and act as a means to pulling the cart up from dragging onto the ground.

The scrap metal yard was on the way to the big box strip mall.  I never visited this type of facility before and wanted to check out their inventory for creative applications. Only in late sixties mob movies that appeared on television was it possible for me to view mountains of heavy metal.  Portrayed victims related to a crime were usually rubbed out, carted away by truck and buried in a yard. Very uninviting, a dangerous type of operation but right up my alley for today’s excursion! At the entrance to this yard was a worn out building. No pedestrian walkway could be seen so I had to walk as if driving into this facility. Warning signs and bright yellow caution painted strips decorated the entry. A row of sharp metal prongs poked up out of the road at the gate. Undoubtedly designed to inflict a puncture into a tire when a vehicle is backing up. So once a vehicle pulls up there is no way to move but forward.  hydrant2I approached one door and tried to enter but it would not budge. A sign to the right directed me to enter at the back and this was the office location. I parked the black shopping cart and eagerly bounced up the steps to enter the office. Behind an antiquated bulky wooden desk sat a cheerful woman. She was busy sorting out paperwork that was organized on the desk-top. The scene was the total opposite of what I concocted in my mind or expected. Only the office props matched my vision of the ideal scrap yard scene. The office manager was delighted to see me and moved towards the door to proceed with a tour of the yard. I inquired about corrugated metal sheets, sinks, and anything else that architecturally could enhance my tiny house build.  “Tony would know where those items would be so let’s ask him”, she said. Loud rumbling could be heard from the back of the yard and Tony was found perched on a huge power dozer that pushed and crushed mounds of heavy metal into a mountainous pile.  Tony was bulging with muscles and also possessed the manly tools needed to maintain a yard.  He kept the metal piles neat and orderly and one could see how Tony took pride in managing his work.  We were both told where to look and the price of the panels. Throughout my tour I found some interesting objects and was given permission to take some captures.

Upon my journey I passed a billboard sign, bus stop, garden shop, barber store, military advertisement. and nature. The route was busy with daily traffic and during this walking field trip discovered that walkways, sidewalks do end and start-up again in precarious locations.

I found myself hoisting the cart over guard rails and walking onto narrow paths. At one point there was nowhere to walk but through a trailer park access road. I passed Rockefeller’s International Trade Zone, where paths were manicured and decorated with handsome landscaping. People that were driving vehicles must have wondered what this woman was doing carting a shopping cart, after-all no one walks or ever uses these park like paths that decorates the Trade Zone. Island hopping was also a skill developed throughout this trip and perhaps should be added to the resume.

Why do the powers that be construct big box centers on long winding mini highways up a major hill? The average bicyclist would be walking the bicycle up this hill. Upon reaching the shopping zone, Applebee’s beckoned me to stop and take lunch but I proceeded to Pet Smart, TJ MAX and then Lowes. My shopping cart filled up fast and the cashier at Lowes was helpful in organizing the Skill saw box to fit on the bottom of the cart with my other purchases on top. Exhausted, hungry and in need of refueling my system I found myself back at Applebees where I ordered a chicken, mashed potato dinner.  The sunny day was becoming slightly rainy and evident that the return trip would be a trek with additional cart weight.

Traffic increases after work and there had to be a short cut or safer way and remembered one by the Trade Zone. It was a bike path that stretched through wildlife and a residential neighborhood and may be safer but longer. I really could not afford making a wrong turn by foot but decided to venture forward with this path. The bicycle path was picturesque and the lightly falling raindrops highlighted foliage. Time went on and many miles too.  My legs were becoming heavy and tired. Evening was going to set in and I became worried with the thought of being in the predicament of camping in the woods for the night. Now that would be a nightmare.  At the intersection I noticed a familiar sight – the entrance to the nature trail. This could be another way to travel but at this hour not an option. Black bears roam these lands and crossing their territory in the dark would be too dangerous.  Upon arriving at an intersection a woman in a car was making a left hand turn towards the shopping zone. I waved her down to stop and politely inquired about finding the major route. She confirmed the correct direction to take but soon discovered that the remainder of this walk was overwhelming and a challenge.



Leaf-icious part two (video)

I incorporated captures not posted and or previously posted from this blog. The video shows highlights of the leaves and the music sets the scene.

Enjoy, part two of ‘Leaf-icious’

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