Free or Trash – by Elizabeth McLaughlin

Upon my return trip from the antique store by bicycle at the curb was a tattered cardboard sign that read ‘Free or Trash’. The printing appeared fine but strong. The message caught my interest, therefore, I took a capture, and decided to write a short tale on how I thought it ended up on the side of the road-side. Unfortunately, nothing remained related to the sign, though about a quarter of a mile on the opposite end of the street, I discovered a blue vacuum cleaner and receiver. . .


It was a beautiful summer day, however, Mark could not see the bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, wild-flowers, green forested trees swaying in the breeze or listen to the sparrows chirping in the thickets. Mark’s mind was fogged and raced in a multitude of directions. He lost his executive sales job at the pharmaceutical corporation over two years ago and financially it became impossible to make ends meet. Mark worked long hours to provide a luxurious home with customized rock masonry pillars and black iron fence that his wife Darcey dreamed about owning. Both held career jobs and became able to pay off a good deal of the mortgage and thought that life would be a breeze. They decided to take out bank loans to improve the estate by adding a swimming pool, luxury patio for outdoor private parties and a pool house attached to the four car garage. Even though their friends lost jobs, Mark and Darcey continued to live with a false sense of being. Only until it happened to them, the economy along with their lives rattled to reality. The American dream became a busted nightmare. The last straw for Mark happened when he sold his luxury automobiles and then the antique Ford pick up truck with tools. He resorted to using his mountain bicycle to make trips to the grocery store. And then the taxes on the property devoured any savings along with the purchasing power to fulfill the basic necessities such as food, electricity, water and insurance. As each month went by the family was slowly being stripped of possessions, automobiles, family heirlooms and even clothing. The trips to the food pantry became embarrassing to Darcey. “This is not fair and criminal. We worked so hard for twenty years to be comfortable but now it’s impossible to purchase a gallon of milk.” Darcey said. Mark was not in the mood to listen, jumped on his bicycle and snapped back, “Remember, you had to have the oval shaped, tiled, swimming pool and were just thinking about yourself and not the needs of this family.” The bicycle disappeared down the long black-topped driveway and Mark could hear Darcey screaming back, “I looked everywhere for a job doing anything, so don’t talk to me about not trying!” At this time, nothing made much sense to the impoverished couple. Luckily, their daughter, Trish attended an international college at the United Kingdom and had no idea about the situation that faced her parents. Mark and Darcey always explained away the holidays to the fact that they would be traveling for business or taking a cruise. Yes, they took every effort to conceal their financial collapse even from Trish. At the end of the driveway a silver Mercedes pulled up to greet Mark and out stepped Dana, a very popular successful realtor from the village with Country Club connections. Her elegant fragrance was familiar to Mark. She confidently planted a exotic leather, high healed, designer shoe firmly on the ground . The scent was Dana’s trademark, and she used this to perfection as a tool to seal the deal. “So sorry the house did not sell Mark, care to relist? We could surely find a buyer of this fine property with another reduction in price. All the realtors and their clients really adored your French Tudor Manor.” said Dana. She paused, with shapely flirting leg in place, for a response from Mark and then reluctantly, slowly, pulled the bright yellow sign from the picturesque landscaped lawn, placed it into the car trunk and drove off leaving her alluring scent wavering in the air. Mark knew that even with a drastic price reduction, the upgrades, excellent desirable location, people could not afford it. And, they have run out of time. Dana brought around bargain hunters, wanting a pre-foreclosure preview or shuddered at the thought of paying such high property taxes. Obviously, they were out of market and miss-marketed for this upscale piece of real estate. Across the road Mark could see their neighbor, nodding his head back and forth, silently pruning his royal red rose bushes. Usually, Spencer, a retired physician was friendly, generally waved but instead he continued to snip at the thorny stems as if Mark did not exist on planet earth.

It was the last day that Darcey and Mark would spend in their luxury paradise gone wrong. Boxes of stuff lined the circular driveway and down to Cardinal Way. They had many yard sales, and at Dana’s suggestion even hired a professional to manage it but no one had the money to spare to spend on frivolous items. Many were found in the same situation and also lost their homes to the bank or County. Mark took out a black, fine pointed tipped pen from his camel-hair coat pocket, printed on a piece of torn brown cardboard, the words, ‘Free or Trash’. With the usual traffic the sign ended up floating in the gentle breeze, landing face-up, at curb-side. Holding hands the couple stepped back to take one last look at the house where they had years of cherished memories and then promptly vaulted into Darcey’s sisters Jeep. They would live with her until a job could be found. Mark tried to be optimistic but knew in his gut they would end up seeking living an alternative lifestyle. The household items sat for weeks with people passing by the opportunity to pick-up unique artifacts, expensive, furniture, lamps, carpets and fixtures. Then groups of poorly dressed locals from surrounding towns arrived to consume metal for scrap. Eventually the neighbors asked a town road-side crew to clean-up the weathered mess. One worker did see the worn out cardboard sign, he glanced down at it, sighed, flipped up his broom and walked away. And this is how ‘Free or Trash’ sign ended up on the side of the road.

Fed Up Moving

Fed Up Moving by Elizabeth McLaughlin

The other day while out on the road with the bicycle taking in nature, I stopped at a crossroad and looked to the side and there scattered on the ground was a blue vacuum cleaner and stereo receiver unit. How horrible it is to find such stuff just tossed onto the side of the road.  Again, it became another interesting road-side display that I could craft into a short story on how I think it ended up on the side of the road.

Tracey worked for a local retailer in a small town and diligently kept the specialty gifts immaculately clean and appealing to upscale shoppers. She enjoyed her job, especially when the owner would permit her to use new concepts for featured displays. In order to make ends meet Tracy worked long hours and also had to bounce from one job to another  to make living costs to cover rent, food, car payments and toddler support. Tracey lived on a quaint old street, lined with established maple trees. Her favorite tree on the street had huge roots that bulged up above the gray granite stone sidewalk. It had such a unique appealing natural quality, a smiling face etched in bark. The neighbors were great and Mrs. Teabody, a retired school teacher took care of Thomas during the day and into the early evening. It was the perfect situation for a working single mother to find these days. After all the nightmares experienced in renting apartments and juggling expenses, questionable day care centers, Tracey finally found an affordable cottage in the back of the Peterson’s huge soft green painted Victorian mansion with bright white trim. A lovely family that did not take advantage of people in need of housing. Here she could feel a strong sense of security and stability that she already benefitted from for two years. Upon moving in Tracey eagerly white washed the wooden clapboard on the front porch and loved finding at local yard sales decorative antiques that added a warm inviting comfortable touch. She always wanted a garden, and planted beautiful bright blue, purple, red and yellow flowers from the local garden nursery. It looked like the perfect tiny home that one would find in a Country Magazine. Thomas also had his own nursery, decked out with a French antique wooden crib, dresser, toy box and shelving for all of his plush stuffed animals and story books.


It was a quiet Wednesday evening, and Tracey was preparing Thomas for bed. Rocking in the chair, reading fairy tales became a cherished moment that they could gaze into each others eyes and cuddle. The phone rang at the downstairs kitchen wall telephone and Tracey gently placed Thomas into his crib to sleep. She dashed quietly down the narrow carpeted stairs and picked up the mellow yellow colored telephone. “Tracey it’s Liz, sorry to have to call this evening but I was wondering if you could open up the store tomorrow. I really need your help because my daughter Betsy has a doctor’s appointment.” Tracey sat on the Costco red metal kitchen stool and replied, “Yes, don’t worry, not a problem, I understand.” As soon as she hung up the phone it rang again. Tracey picked up the receiver slowly and answered, “hello.” On the other end she could hear static noise. “Hello, hello, stop calling here or I will call the police”, Tracey said. For weeks that phone would ring at odd hours of the night but no one responded.

The next morning Tracey woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare for a very hectic day of work. She walked down the gravel driveway toward the main street to collect the mail that she neglected picking up the previous day, and the thoughts of the extra work money would come into handy savings for emergencies. After sifting through the mail she noticed a hand written envelope with just her name on it. Upon opening the letter she read two printed words, HELLO, HELLO. “Now this is going beyond a prank phone call and the person knows where I live.” she cried. The mail collected dropped to the ground and scattered onto the street. Stacey fumbled to gather it up and out of nowhere a speeding car screeched by only to disappear into the thick morning mist. And, all she could notice seeing was a dull black sedan. The Peterson’s bedroom light partially lit up the front lawn and Mr. Peterson opened up the large pained window and screamed. “Are you okay Tracey? That car sounded like it hit you!” Tracey responded, “I have no clue Mr. Peterson, perhaps it was a kid trying to be smart. I will talk to you later and have to get to work early.” The window slammed shut and all that Tracey could think of was not to have created any bad feelings with the Petersons. After making Thomas his favorite oatmeal breakfast and dropping him off at Mrs. Teabody’s, Tracey drove her cream-colored van down main street to the early period stone clad store. A black and white police car was parked at ‘The Flying Flamingo Cafe’ and Tracey could view Vince through the window making his to go order at the front counter. Little did Tracey know, Vince was attracted to her when he places his order to her at his night shift and was still seeking the courage to ask for a date. Tracey drove to the back parking lot of the store where employees parked, walked up to the back entry only to find the metal door not locked. She decided to enter and flipped all the light switches on and proceeded to the front of the store by walking to the main reception room. Footsteps creaked the floor boards coming from the second floor and Tracey froze. A muffled familiar whistling tune filled the air, and then Tracey relaxed, yelled up the stairs, “Jasper is that you!” Jasper responded, “yes mam, just finishing up waxing the floors for Ms. Lizzie.” “Well that is a relief, I thought you were a break-in”, said Tracey.

The morning hours flew by because it was unusually busy with customers. The director of the Women’s Rotary Club made an outstanding order for the groups Derby Days luncheon benefit and show! Tracey worked hard to complete the order as directed and knew that Liz would be pleased with the sale. Liz arrived at noon and before Tracey could explain about the sales, she headed up to her office with a look of distress on her face. Within ten minutes the intercom telephone buzzed at the main sales counter and Liz asked Tracey to come up to her office for a meeting. Tracey closed the register drawer, handed over a customer purchase and headed to the elegant pine staircase that led up to the office. Liz sat at a massive intricately carved cherry wood partners desk and directed Tracey to have a seat. The veins in Liz’s neck began to bulge as she blurted out as if in pain, “Apparently I had a very disturbing encounter this morning with Wendy, the director of the Women’s Rotary Club. She explained to me in detail about the unprofessional shopping experience received today at the shop. Please tell me how this could possibly happen in my shop?” Then there was a brief silence and Liz continued, “I was totally mortified in front of a lot of people. Tracey, I assured her that this type of service cannot be tolerated and I would ask that your service be immediately terminated. I will have Jasper bring your things and paycheck.” Tracey’s mouth quivered and she could not believe what she was hearing. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak Liz lifted up her hand and raised a trembling finger to her lips. At that point Tracey got up, walked out of the room, closed the office door, quickly ran down the stairs and past a startled waiting customer. All she could hear in the distance was a sobbing crazed woman.

The route along a country road to home was picturesque maybe calming. The cream-colored van swerved around corners and then Tracey decided to pull over, get out of the vehicle and just run through a field of tall grass until collapsing. Hours went by and only upon hearing black birds cawing from a baron tree did Tracey come to her waking senses. There was no doubt that Thomas was waiting to be picked up at Mrs. Teabody’s but he would have to wait because it was important to stop off at the Peterson’s as promised. Tracey decided to pick some flowers from the front garden to make a bouquet for the Peterson’s. She knocked on the door, bouquet in hand and was greeted by Mrs. Peterson. “We were worried about you this morning, Tracey, and I think it is time that we had a chat.” she said. Tracey could only think about the horrific meeting just experienced with Liz and her knees started to tremble. Mrs. Peterson offered Tracey a cup of tea and thanked her for the lovely bouquet and proceeded to explain that Martha their only daughter was about to enter Med School. She described a great financial burden and said, “Today the costs are extremely frightening for Martha to attend a private institution and unfortunately we have to double the cottage rental.” Tracey said, “Mrs. Peterson, you know that it is impossible for me to afford such a high rent and I will have to move.”

Tracey picked up Thomas and explained to Mrs. Teabody her misfortunes for the day. Mrs. Teabody offered to inquire with friends about finding a new rental and not to worry. She said, “Just take some time off and rest dear, tomorrow is a new bright day, things will fall into place.” It is easy for people to say but to Tracey it seemed like a far off dream. At least she still had the job at The Flying Flamingo Cafe! A few weeks passed and by a small miracle so did the mysterious phone calls and a yard sale to eliminate most stuff. She decided to take Thomas with her for the drive down Route 206 to the local dump. It was quite expensive for garbage disposal and undeniably unaffordable for a single mom working part-time. Tracey came to an intersection stop and opened up the back door to the cream-colored van. The sight of Liz moving her finger to lip brought up anger as Tracey glazed over at the black receiver and blue vacuum cleaner. Tracey picked it up, tossed both items violently to the side of the road and guiltily drove off. Later that evening Vince appeared to make his usual order to go at The Flying Flamingo Cafe. He said, “Tracey so sorry to hear about your job loss, the shop closing and Liz loosing her daughter to illness. I know it’s not the right time but it sure would be nice to take you out to a fabulous night out on the town!” Tracey stood there feeling like a played fool, caught her emotions, and replied with a yes.

Primitive ‘Morning Dove’ Print

A New Year arrived and I still remember Christmas day, the winter air was crisp, enticing and filled with a dash of fresh coolness and the scent of ever-green foliage. Nature signaled that this year will be filled with opportunities!


I had glanced outside the frosted window pane and noticed that throughout the woods, vibrant and dancing sunshine draped its warm light up against broad tree trunks. This Christmas no pressured requirements transpired such as the necessary tree to accent the living room, Holiday light strings to unwind or the unboxing of tinsel decorations. Absolutely no signs of depression or thoughts of doom, all I wanted for Christmas would be an offering of Holiday cheer. After-all, some years a person could just feel enlightened and this was one of them. My primary focus became directed to the art of gift giving. At times past midnight the knitting felt like my life calling to work at a real Santa’s workshop located in the frigid cold of the North Pole. Having worked in the distant past as a somewhat inspired elf, graphic artist, on a weekly newspaper in Yorktown, I again found myself feeling a bit under a frantic time budget with a shortness of breath deadline. And, it required manual plus articulated speed. I also felt confidence that this gift idea should work primarily because of an experience of a life-time ago. My mother instructed me at a young age the craft of knitting and this skilled lesson was imprinted in my brain knittedhatdesignand only to re-surface as a calling this year. I designed, one, two, three brightly colored sherpa hats. And, one, two, three, four, five, six, neck or head warmers wrapped in fragile brightly colored tissue papers and neatly placed into a gift bag. Karma struck or I should say it was Gods’ love shining upon me when I found perfect complimentary gift bags that pictured a lifelike, reindeer wearing black framed spectacles and a knitted Christmas scarf.
A Holiday card is a prime necessity and must convey a harmonious gesture of good tidings for next year. Also a card that could be enjoyed throughout the year! The ultimate unique artistic gift should also posses this requirement, a decorative topping like sweet icing to a cup cake. Therefore, I hunted down the black wired basket that housed every necessary tool for the makings of a linotype print. ‘One of a kind,’ I murmured to myself and in celebration of nature and Gods’ glory should be interpreted into a primitive design. After many hours of tedious carving, a primitive ‘Morning Dove’ appeared on the wooden block, as if it came from the same time when a morning dove found its way onto my front porch. I was truly blessed when she crafted a woven nest inside the beautiful hanging basket of red geraniums. I enjoyed watching this dove produce eggs and teeny birds that eventually learned by their mother how to fly. While thinking about these pleasant thoughts from the past to soft Christmas chamber music chimes, I lined the finished prints upon the drafting table, carefully taping down for trimming and then lightly adhering the print to a white card stock base. Indeed it was a perfect highlight to the brightly colored knitted gifts.


Permanence is the utmost virtue and by using a very fine black marker, I scripted a message inside each card that conveyed to its reader a flight of fancy for this ‘Morning Dove’ print.
‘This print could also be matted and framed if one chooses to do so, thus carrying the spirit of Christmas throughout the years to come.’ Enjoy your primitive print, ‘Morning Dove’!
Hoping that inside my spirit the primitive ‘Morning Dove’ flight will never end, and be enjoyed by all, I placed each gift bag into its own designated brown, top priority, cardboard shipping box and let it fly by postal service!
Now it’s time for the next project! – Spring-time, anyone!

So Let’s ROLL!

I purchased a small sports camera that came with oodles of attachments and specifically the one that attached to a bicycle handlebar made the sale. The cost was not that much compared to other sport action cameras, and I never created a video before, therefore, it made sense to give it a try. There are a few settings that need to be tested out and one has to become familiar with how those options operate under lighting conditions. So Let’s Roll is a short inspirational film that I hope you will enjoy and share.

Tiny House on Wheels or Petite Maison Sur Des Roues blog

by Elizabeth McLaughlin at LemonChronicle

So you want to construct a petite maison sur des roues? I do!

I was really amazed to find that there are people out there that are thinking with their brains and seeking alternative lifestyles by constructing their own tiny house on wheels or as in french, petite maison sur des roues. Everything sounds more appealing in French. Surprisingly, elegance and luxury can be found on wheels. A chateau that everyone will envy. Magnifique! So excited with my hopes and dreams of constructing a petite maison sur des roues it felt like the perfect time to start a blog. Learning by sharing is the theme, and please post useful comments. (I am not bilingual but have learned a few words.)

All it takes is for the idea and concept to be presented and could only wish that this opportunity was presented to me at an earlier time. What is actually real estate? Are you just leasing the land and house through taxation and mortgage? And, waiting for a scab to come around using programs to elevate taxes! Even owning one cannot sustain property with such uncertain economics. Wealth transfer of real estate for redistribution by County is rampant. Buyer beware! And, I suggest that people look at their State, County, City, Town treasurers for any side line businesses of conflict of interest concerns that they may be doing prior to joining a community. A preferable state to reside is one that is anti UN Agenda 21! The goal is to herd populations into cities to be housed in tiny apartments. Frankly I could never live in a tiny apartment and would need the great outdoors pouring in through a couple of pair of french doors with easy access out to nature. Central Banks finance grants, programs, not for profits, foundations, regulations, organizations and are anti business. Quickly your financial resources are drained. Bottom line is you do not own real estate. I call it UN-real estate. Having to maintain the property and house could be a costly and a nonsensical poor investment of time and added troubles that comes with living in a town, city. Expect to be in a state of constant moving to support your family. Especially a UN Agenda 21 state and town. Look out for townships that have implemented ICLEI, UN Agenda 21. It is paying taxes for your own demise. There are those that are seeking to legalize a tiny home on wheels regarding its zoning. I think that it is not a wise decision. Taxing will become unbearable making it not sustainable for tiny house dwellers. Therefore, I do not support this concept of change or trap. Many families have to move where the job is located or cannot find re-employment. The costs of relocation multiple times is a financial burden that could hurl you into major debt. Through my own experiences many co-workers were living at home and starting young families. They get the job thinking it will last only to find out their term of employment is short-lived. Unfortunately, they had moved from mom and dads by getting an apartment only to find themselves without a job and surmounting bills to pay. This means a return move home with increased debt burden. The tiny house on wheels is a smart option where one can just pick up and move without those very high costs attached to relocating. Also, if one does not like their location it is easier to pick up and roll. Need a change of scenery at your location? Just rotate the house around to a picturesque view of landscape. Another use for a tiny home on wheels is having a portable bug out home that is ready to roll in times of disaster. It makes sense to be prepared. Some tiny home uses are recreational, vacation home, get away from it all weekend space, guest quarters, rental, pool house, mobile office, senior living or art studio. Mortgage free and no high property taxes attached is a very appetizing proposition. Bon appetite!

Designing a home to fit your specific lifestyle seems to make life much more bearable. Cleaning out the mind of material stuff and putting what you do reserve towards a use does relieve stress. Tiny home dwellers are spending quality time doing the things that they love to do such as outdoor activities, reading or the arts. I like the clean looks and management of such a home. It is appealing not to be going upstairs to downstairs from room to room and maintaining a space that is rarely used. I know that I felt like a rat in a maze and always looking for something somewhere over there. I have enjoyed and look forward to watching the videos and reading newsletters devoted to the tiny house movement. A family community exists with tiny home living. It is encouraging to see others using reclaimed materials for construction and each person adding their individual touch in making it a unique home. Tiny home owners take more pride in their dwellings and are sharing of their ideas. Many videos and articles can be found by searching online and at YouTube. It is important to view multiple videos with these search topics on how to make solar panels, electrical components, wiring, types of batteries to use for solar panels, plumbing, heating, installation of windows, window types, framing, and assorted trailer needs. Because each person has approached their project using various skills and equipment. Posted below are some of my favorites worth sharing. A tiny home on wheels comes in different sizes and model types. Depending upon your financial resources there are places to shop for a tiny home. Companies are constructing beautiful homes on wheels catering specifically to that market. Building Plans can also be purchased. Skilled or unskilled all one needs is a lot of energy, creativity and spirit. Often tiny home builders will purchase an old trailer and break it down for a rebuild. And, of course there are utility trailers that could be purchased used or new that come in various sizes. Checking with your state requirements or regulations at the department of motor vehicles is wise for the sizing of your tiny home on wheels. Your zoning for parking or where you plan to park the house. And any insurance that applies. I think that there may be a difference if you construct on a trailer that originated as a trailer home from constructing on a utility trailer. This you will have to investigate on your own and it could make the decision as to which method works best when selecting a trailer.


Sustainable Living or otherwise known as Affordable Housing: There is no such thing as affordable living or sustainable living. It is a myth. A UN Agenda 21 generated lifestyle. Everything costs money and if there is no long-term employment that can sustain the basic needs of living expect to call it the survival mode. Even working two part-time jobs in order to make one income is very hard to find. When there is no money to spend people will find out that there is no value when it cannot be acquired. What will happen when gas is no longer affordable, utilities, food, shelter, mortgages, leasing or renting a piece of property? For those that do have some income to spare the first thing I would do is to construct my own solar panels. Have a wood stove in storage for heat and include a strong canvas wall tent, store food that has a long shelf life, water, toiletries, first aid. Prep up on survival skills. If your end goal is to seek another lifestyle by choice or due to emergency circumstances you will be able to survive in style! My desire is to seek out a lifestyle that is unconventional with a tiny home and at a property that can offer a plot of land in exchange for work. Bartering has become popular for some essential items.

Traditional Architecture: Popular with many people. The cute exterior often has a small porch, bay window and shutters. The home that grandmother used to live. Traditional use of windows, kitchen cabinetry and bathroom are sized to fit a smaller space. You will also find standard staircases that replace a ladder to reaching sleeping, storage lofts. Functionality is the key to success and the flow of the space in a tiny home.

Craftsman Architecture: A bold creative step in design. Materials craftsmanship on steroids. There are so many skilled tiny home builders! Their appreciation of wood is astounding, and attention to detail in construction impeccable. At these tiny homes there is an abundance of talent artistique. Truly a reflection of a body of creative work. Stained glass windows, metals, wood, tiles, framing are just some of the unique highlights to look for in Craftsman Architecture.

Modern Architecture: The first introduction of a portable tiny home came to me via YouTube. A French woman added value to her business by adding cube homes for vacation rentals or for sale. She described it as bringing the outdoors inside concept by selecting rounded windows to frame nature. I have become more favorable to a modern theme and do hope to incorporate using expanding cube fold outs on both sides for more space.

When deciding upon construction of a tiny house on wheels it is a good idea to do many drafts.

When deciding upon construction of a tiny house on wheels it is a good idea to do many drafts.

1. Compost toilet area. Slider pocket door 2. Bathroom sink with washer/dryer unit built into cabinet below. A sliding pocket door will be installed to break up the space from bathroom to kitchn/living area 6 3. Wardrobe 4. Shower with window seat. I believe that a wall of block glass will define and divide the kitchen area from shower. And will also serve as a shower wall.5. Wrap around kitchen with service bar to dining/work art area 7. This space may be on a platform. 6. Living space and pass through to 7 and 8 7. Expanded space for dining/work art area 8. Expanded space for living room/bedroom. I am not planning on any loft space. 9. Wood burning stove.

This will afford me the space to have a larger living room and working area for creating and displaying art. The idea of a smaller trailer, cube that folds up makes more sense in meeting my personal needs. I keep designing and redesigning, therefore, please take the time in thinking out your project. You will be surprised what one can do with a small space. For the adventurous at heart it is easy to say that the sky is the limit when designing your own home. Costs saved in constructing your own tiny home can be rewarding by being able to upgrade on appliances, adding skylights, windows, pocket doors, lighting, customizing cabinets for storage or a hide a way bed, tiling, flooring. Recycling and the reclaiming of building materials also reduces costs that could be applied for these upgrades. I have started my collection of wood pallets that will be broken down and planed for flooring or siding. I use the dog kennel for its storage space. The dogs do not like it and have a larger fenced in yard to play.


Many have mentioned that Craigs List is a valuable resource for great finds, free materials and where to find land to lease or rent. I have ventured to a trucking supply store that gave me permission to collect their wood pallets on the side of the road. So a convenient walk each week I retrieve plywood and wood for flooring or shelving. In my spare time I break it apart into small stacks that will be planed and stained. Grinning at the thought of pulling nails, staples from pallets of wood fortunately after viewing one video, I was able to learn small tricks on how to remove nails and staples that does make it so much easier of a task to perform. The modern style homes incorporates advanced materials such as transparent walls, rooftops, kitchens on platforms, bathrooms that marries sink and toilet into a shower. Hidden bathtubs. Furniture that functions as a buffet table and transforms into a full dining room table, or bed, cabinetry that hides kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom from the living space. Staircases may fit into the function of shelving, storage units, walls and or opt for a circular staircase. Some tiny houses do not have lofts and the owners enjoy higher ceilings to acquire a spacious feeling throughout the home.

At this point let the blog begin and I look forward to reading about your project, and or feedback.