Purple Plastic Glove and Plastic Broom Bristles

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Captures: ‘Purple Plastic Glove’ and ‘Plastic Broom Bristles’

Raul was generally a cheerful person, everyone in the neighborhood loved his very distinguished smile. Every day he was off to work on a job that most people would not do, cleaning. He was lucky to have a loyal customer for ten years because these days most people could not find any type of work. Raul also had a large family that extended all the way to South America, Chile. Recently there was a volcanic eruption and he feared for his families well being at Ensenada. thingsifindonroad8purplegloveHowever, Raul continued to smile not allowing his troubles to destroy his day. Soon Raul would find out that today would become different than any other day in his life. As he arrived at the old art deco hotel with his cleaning supplies a man approached him and introduced himself as the new owner of the hotel. And, although he was a prized worker there were changes to be made. The hotel will be demolished. Rauls mouth dropped and beads of sweat collected around his lip. thingsifindonroadbroomThe man handed him a envelope and patted Raul on the back. Now, this is how the purple plastic glove and plastic broom bristles ended up at the side of the road.

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