Dehydrating Food Is An Art

Dehydrating food caught my interest. After viewing many dehydrating machines, I selected one that has nine trays, stainless steel shelving, digitized timing and heat selections. And of course this machine also had to meet my budget. There are many different price ranges and purchases of trays that can drive up the cost. Luckily I came upon one that provided everything in a bundle.

My first attempt at dehydrating fruits was interesting. Upon reading the manual,  I discovered that the dried food in the grocery store has preservatives and this gives it the color. And it tastes different too. At first, I did not have the proper cutting tools and sliced the strawberries very thin. After watching a video one woman suggested an egg slicer to cut the strawberries so I will be trying that out! Although, slicing the strawberries thin makes a great crackle topping to yogurt. The bananas that I purchased were old bananas at discount and very wet. Next time I will just purchase bananas that are ripe and believe that it will dehydrate better, less chewy. The organic pears were delicious and now that I have an apple, potato core hand machine, the slices will be consistent and should dehydrate better. A few days before dehydrating I picked some organic parsley from my garden box and sandwiched it in-between two paper towels for drying. I decided to place the parsley onto a tray and into the dehydration machine and it was amazing how it turned out. I just picked up a handful of organic parsley and it crumbled right in my hand to a very rich consistency. So far I am very excited about trying out other herbs, fruits and veggies and creating fruit rolls. As I explore this dehydrating process it makes sense to share my experiences storing food and dehydration tips on the blog. Hope you enjoy it. Pictured below is fruit crackle on top of yogurt and the fresh organic parsley from my garden box. Dehydrating Food is another form of art where you can be creative!


Record Player Revival

Record Player Revival by Elizabeth McLaughlin

It’s back! Lately, the record player and collecting of old vinyl albums is trending. The other day I took a bicycle ride to a local antique outlet and rummaged through large boxes that contained a variety of old albums. For just a few dollars a piece, I was able to start a collection of memorable favorites. However, it takes work to find one that you like in excellent shape without any annoying scratches. Do not be afraid of the condition of an album cover, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover two perfect discs in one album case. In case you’re wondering, yes, vinyl albums are on sale brand NEW but be prepared to spend more dollars. I could not wait to use my new red Victrola record player and enjoyed the experience of using the arm lift to gently place the needle onto the album surface. It’s wonderful to sit back and observe the graphics, art on the album and researching the history of the bands online. Typically, the lyrics to songs are printed on the inside cover or sleeve to the album.


At the antique outlet, in one corner of a consignment booth there sat an oversized antique record player and it was housed inside its original wooden cabinet. A great find for someone who could bring it back to life, but for my purposes too bulky and heavy. I ended up with a new one that has a suitcase handle for ease of use, portability and light in weight for travelling. Although, the speakers are not the greatest, it did produce enough sound to fill up a room and I also used it outdoors at the patio picnic table. To boost up quality of sound, RCA outlets in the back of this player make it easy for portable speaker hookup. Lately the radio transmission for automobile and house in the area I reside has been on the static fritz but it did not affect the record player! Perhaps the electromagnetic problem was due to solar interference. Another great reason to have a record player on hand! Even if an electric power outage occurs this new record player operates on very low-wattage that most back-up solar panel arrays could handle.

Here is the line-up of my start-up album collection.

Bruce Springsteen – Album Title: The River

Ted Nugent – Album Title: Nugent

The Who – Album Title: It’s Hard

Bay City Rollers – Album Title: Rock N’ Roll Love Letter


Cycle Trails

mephotowordpress‘It is an absolute necessity for me to cycle trails. It is a similar experience to a drive through movie but more interactive because the bicycle is in constant transit and you get to commune with natures screen.’

Local communities often have meet-up groups for singles and people who just enjoy the same interest. Luckily a trail is within a stones throw from where I reside and today I took a short spin to enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook. It was quite peaceful and serene. The cycletraillinoprintwordpressground still casts some snow cover but it is melting because the weather is changing to a more enjoyable comfortable climate. People are starting to venture outdoors with dogs in tow to enjoy some fresh air and I spotted a few. The woods still appears bare but tranquil. Babbling brook water is crystal clear from snow melt as shown in the short video posted below.


Tiny House on Wheels or Petite Maison Sur Des Roues blog

by Elizabeth McLaughlin at LemonChronicle

So you want to construct a petite maison sur des roues? I do!

I was really amazed to find that there are people out there that are thinking with their brains and seeking alternative lifestyles by constructing their own tiny house on wheels or as in french, petite maison sur des roues. Everything sounds more appealing in French. Surprisingly, elegance and luxury can be found on wheels. A chateau that everyone will envy. Magnifique! So excited with my hopes and dreams of constructing a petite maison sur des roues it felt like the perfect time to start a blog. Learning by sharing is the theme, and please post useful comments. (I am not bilingual but have learned a few words.)

All it takes is for the idea and concept to be presented and could only wish that this opportunity was presented to me at an earlier time. What is actually real estate? Are you just leasing the land and house through taxation and mortgage? And, waiting for a scab to come around using programs to elevate taxes! Even owning one cannot sustain property with such uncertain economics. Wealth transfer of real estate for redistribution by County is rampant. Buyer beware! And, I suggest that people look at their State, County, City, Town treasurers for any side line businesses of conflict of interest concerns that they may be doing prior to joining a community. A preferable state to reside is one that is anti UN Agenda 21! The goal is to herd populations into cities to be housed in tiny apartments. Frankly I could never live in a tiny apartment and would need the great outdoors pouring in through a couple of pair of french doors with easy access out to nature. Central Banks finance grants, programs, not for profits, foundations, regulations, organizations and are anti business. Quickly your financial resources are drained. Bottom line is you do not own real estate. I call it UN-real estate. Having to maintain the property and house could be a costly and a nonsensical poor investment of time and added troubles that comes with living in a town, city. Expect to be in a state of constant moving to support your family. Especially a UN Agenda 21 state and town. Look out for townships that have implemented ICLEI, UN Agenda 21. It is paying taxes for your own demise. There are those that are seeking to legalize a tiny home on wheels regarding its zoning. I think that it is not a wise decision. Taxing will become unbearable making it not sustainable for tiny house dwellers. Therefore, I do not support this concept of change or trap. Many families have to move where the job is located or cannot find re-employment. The costs of relocation multiple times is a financial burden that could hurl you into major debt. Through my own experiences many co-workers were living at home and starting young families. They get the job thinking it will last only to find out their term of employment is short-lived. Unfortunately, they had moved from mom and dads by getting an apartment only to find themselves without a job and surmounting bills to pay. This means a return move home with increased debt burden. The tiny house on wheels is a smart option where one can just pick up and move without those very high costs attached to relocating. Also, if one does not like their location it is easier to pick up and roll. Need a change of scenery at your location? Just rotate the house around to a picturesque view of landscape. Another use for a tiny home on wheels is having a portable bug out home that is ready to roll in times of disaster. It makes sense to be prepared. Some tiny home uses are recreational, vacation home, get away from it all weekend space, guest quarters, rental, pool house, mobile office, senior living or art studio. Mortgage free and no high property taxes attached is a very appetizing proposition. Bon appetite!

Designing a home to fit your specific lifestyle seems to make life much more bearable. Cleaning out the mind of material stuff and putting what you do reserve towards a use does relieve stress. Tiny home dwellers are spending quality time doing the things that they love to do such as outdoor activities, reading or the arts. I like the clean looks and management of such a home. It is appealing not to be going upstairs to downstairs from room to room and maintaining a space that is rarely used. I know that I felt like a rat in a maze and always looking for something somewhere over there. I have enjoyed and look forward to watching the videos and reading newsletters devoted to the tiny house movement. A family community exists with tiny home living. It is encouraging to see others using reclaimed materials for construction and each person adding their individual touch in making it a unique home. Tiny home owners take more pride in their dwellings and are sharing of their ideas. Many videos and articles can be found by searching online and at YouTube. It is important to view multiple videos with these search topics on how to make solar panels, electrical components, wiring, types of batteries to use for solar panels, plumbing, heating, installation of windows, window types, framing, and assorted trailer needs. Because each person has approached their project using various skills and equipment. Posted below are some of my favorites worth sharing. A tiny home on wheels comes in different sizes and model types. Depending upon your financial resources there are places to shop for a tiny home. Companies are constructing beautiful homes on wheels catering specifically to that market. Building Plans can also be purchased. Skilled or unskilled all one needs is a lot of energy, creativity and spirit. Often tiny home builders will purchase an old trailer and break it down for a rebuild. And, of course there are utility trailers that could be purchased used or new that come in various sizes. Checking with your state requirements or regulations at the department of motor vehicles is wise for the sizing of your tiny home on wheels. Your zoning for parking or where you plan to park the house. And any insurance that applies. I think that there may be a difference if you construct on a trailer that originated as a trailer home from constructing on a utility trailer. This you will have to investigate on your own and it could make the decision as to which method works best when selecting a trailer.


Sustainable Living or otherwise known as Affordable Housing: There is no such thing as affordable living or sustainable living. It is a myth. A UN Agenda 21 generated lifestyle. Everything costs money and if there is no long-term employment that can sustain the basic needs of living expect to call it the survival mode. Even working two part-time jobs in order to make one income is very hard to find. When there is no money to spend people will find out that there is no value when it cannot be acquired. What will happen when gas is no longer affordable, utilities, food, shelter, mortgages, leasing or renting a piece of property? For those that do have some income to spare the first thing I would do is to construct my own solar panels. Have a wood stove in storage for heat and include a strong canvas wall tent, store food that has a long shelf life, water, toiletries, first aid. Prep up on survival skills. If your end goal is to seek another lifestyle by choice or due to emergency circumstances you will be able to survive in style! My desire is to seek out a lifestyle that is unconventional with a tiny home and at a property that can offer a plot of land in exchange for work. Bartering has become popular for some essential items.

Traditional Architecture: Popular with many people. The cute exterior often has a small porch, bay window and shutters. The home that grandmother used to live. Traditional use of windows, kitchen cabinetry and bathroom are sized to fit a smaller space. You will also find standard staircases that replace a ladder to reaching sleeping, storage lofts. Functionality is the key to success and the flow of the space in a tiny home.

Craftsman Architecture: A bold creative step in design. Materials craftsmanship on steroids. There are so many skilled tiny home builders! Their appreciation of wood is astounding, and attention to detail in construction impeccable. At these tiny homes there is an abundance of talent artistique. Truly a reflection of a body of creative work. Stained glass windows, metals, wood, tiles, framing are just some of the unique highlights to look for in Craftsman Architecture.

Modern Architecture: The first introduction of a portable tiny home came to me via YouTube. A French woman added value to her business by adding cube homes for vacation rentals or for sale. She described it as bringing the outdoors inside concept by selecting rounded windows to frame nature. I have become more favorable to a modern theme and do hope to incorporate using expanding cube fold outs on both sides for more space.

When deciding upon construction of a tiny house on wheels it is a good idea to do many drafts.

When deciding upon construction of a tiny house on wheels it is a good idea to do many drafts.

1. Compost toilet area. Slider pocket door 2. Bathroom sink with washer/dryer unit built into cabinet below. A sliding pocket door will be installed to break up the space from bathroom to kitchn/living area 6 3. Wardrobe 4. Shower with window seat. I believe that a wall of block glass will define and divide the kitchen area from shower. And will also serve as a shower wall.5. Wrap around kitchen with service bar to dining/work art area 7. This space may be on a platform. 6. Living space and pass through to 7 and 8 7. Expanded space for dining/work art area 8. Expanded space for living room/bedroom. I am not planning on any loft space. 9. Wood burning stove.

This will afford me the space to have a larger living room and working area for creating and displaying art. The idea of a smaller trailer, cube that folds up makes more sense in meeting my personal needs. I keep designing and redesigning, therefore, please take the time in thinking out your project. You will be surprised what one can do with a small space. For the adventurous at heart it is easy to say that the sky is the limit when designing your own home. Costs saved in constructing your own tiny home can be rewarding by being able to upgrade on appliances, adding skylights, windows, pocket doors, lighting, customizing cabinets for storage or a hide a way bed, tiling, flooring. Recycling and the reclaiming of building materials also reduces costs that could be applied for these upgrades. I have started my collection of wood pallets that will be broken down and planed for flooring or siding. I use the dog kennel for its storage space. The dogs do not like it and have a larger fenced in yard to play.


Many have mentioned that Craigs List is a valuable resource for great finds, free materials and where to find land to lease or rent. I have ventured to a trucking supply store that gave me permission to collect their wood pallets on the side of the road. So a convenient walk each week I retrieve plywood and wood for flooring or shelving. In my spare time I break it apart into small stacks that will be planed and stained. Grinning at the thought of pulling nails, staples from pallets of wood fortunately after viewing one video, I was able to learn small tricks on how to remove nails and staples that does make it so much easier of a task to perform. The modern style homes incorporates advanced materials such as transparent walls, rooftops, kitchens on platforms, bathrooms that marries sink and toilet into a shower. Hidden bathtubs. Furniture that functions as a buffet table and transforms into a full dining room table, or bed, cabinetry that hides kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom from the living space. Staircases may fit into the function of shelving, storage units, walls and or opt for a circular staircase. Some tiny houses do not have lofts and the owners enjoy higher ceilings to acquire a spacious feeling throughout the home.

At this point let the blog begin and I look forward to reading about your project, and or feedback.