Cycle Trails

mephotowordpress‘It is an absolute necessity for me to cycle trails. It is a similar experience to a drive through movie but more interactive because the bicycle is in constant transit and you get to commune with natures screen.’

Local communities often have meet-up groups for singles and people who just enjoy the same interest. Luckily a trail is within a stones throw from where I reside and today I took a short spin to enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook. It was quite peaceful and serene. The cycletraillinoprintwordpressground still casts some snow cover but it is melting because the weather is changing to a more enjoyable comfortable climate. People are starting to venture outdoors with dogs in tow to enjoy some fresh air and I spotted a few. The woods still appears bare but tranquil. Babbling brook water is crystal clear from snow melt as shown in the short video posted below.


‘Lacey’ Dog

Lacey came to me at six weeks old. She was a rescue after going through two previous owners. Scared and confused in my arms she cried for a mother and to be loved. She looked like a little muskrat and slept alongside my head which was very odd. After years of love Lacey knows that she has a home that will never be replaced.

'Lacey' by elizabeth mclaughlin

by elizabeth mclaughlin