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“Self Portrait” oil on board

Welcome! to lemonchronicle where you will find nature, seasons, art and a delightful mix of topics!

Enjoy your visit!

Samplings of what you will find at LemonChronicle. Just click on a photo image to discover its respective posting!

about . . .

Autumn . . .Fall-icious

rainyday29PastelhalloweenA Day Filled With Nature

Summer . . .

mysteryflowersyellowflower3Yellow Flowers In The Field

Spring . . .


All Season Flower Grocery


Art . . .


Stroke of a Brush


Sketch A Doodle

Things I Find On The Side Of The Road . . .


Rear View Images . . .

Off Grid Lifestyles …

Lacey Dog . . .

Attempts at Baking

Lemon Stories



LemonChronicle Videos

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  2. Thanks for taking an interest in Eat2Health and for following our blog Elizabeth! We are loving all of the outdoor photography; it’s stunning and we’re envious of all your adventures! We might have to pick your brain about photography in the future too. 😛 We look forward to keeping up with your blog! Lynn & Alex 🙂

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