Record Player Revival

Record Player Revival by Elizabeth McLaughlin

It’s back! Lately, the record player and collecting of old vinyl albums is trending. The other day I took a bicycle ride to a local antique outlet and rummaged through large boxes that contained a variety of old albums. For just a few dollars a piece, I was able to start a collection of memorable favorites. However, it takes work to find one that you like in excellent shape without any annoying scratches. Do not be afraid of the condition of an album cover, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover two perfect discs in one album case. In case you’re wondering, yes, vinyl albums are on sale brand NEW but be prepared to spend more dollars. I could not wait to use my new red Victrola record player and enjoyed the experience of using the arm lift to gently place the needle onto the album surface. It’s wonderful to sit back and observe the graphics, art on the album and researching the history of the bands online. Typically, the lyrics to songs are printed on the inside cover or sleeve to the album.


At the antique outlet, in one corner of a consignment booth there sat an oversized antique record player and it was housed inside its original wooden cabinet. A great find for someone who could bring it back to life, but for my purposes too bulky and heavy. I ended up with a new one that has a suitcase handle for ease of use, portability and light in weight for travelling. Although, the speakers are not the greatest, it did produce enough sound to fill up a room and I also used it outdoors at the patio picnic table. To boost up quality of sound, RCA outlets in the back of this player make it easy for portable speaker hookup. Lately the radio transmission for automobile and house in the area I reside has been on the static fritz but it did not affect the record player! Perhaps the electromagnetic problem was due to solar interference. Another great reason to have a record player on hand! Even if an electric power outage occurs this new record player operates on very low-wattage that most back-up solar panel arrays could handle.

Here is the line-up of my start-up album collection.

Bruce Springsteen – Album Title: The River

Ted Nugent – Album Title: Nugent

The Who – Album Title: It’s Hard

Bay City Rollers – Album Title: Rock N’ Roll Love Letter


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