Spring Transformation


Today is another grey, cold day. I thought it would brighten up things to break out some water colors and paint something cheerful to share. watercolorpalletAlthough the media is not my forte it sufficed the task at hand. I know that we are all waiting for the season of spring. The snow still coats the frozen ground. However, just a week ago as I walked the Sussex trail, I discovered green vegetation that lingered on since last summer. Very odd indeed for the month of February!


Spring transforms the landscape into bright yellow forsythias, ruby red tulips, daffodils, deep blue crocus and budding trees. A burst of natures hues is what everyone enjoys. Planting seedlings and turning over the soil that lay dormant during winter. Preparing, organizing tools, garden beds and peat pots for plantings. Yes, this is the time of year that I enjoy, and helping to create a spectacular Spring transformation.