The Weekend – #writephoto

by elizabeth mclaughlin

Times Square was busy as usual, flooded with tourists and local street artists trying to make a living. The cell phone chimed as I brushed through crowds that collected in front of theaters and shops. I slid my hand into my multi-colored polka dot rain coat and pulled the phone out to see that Steve was on the line. ‘Steve darling where are you calling from?’ And, what are you doing this weekend?’ I pouted. He did not hesitate with a response to me that an exclusive London client offered their corporate getaway for his use. A horn honked and I had to think fast to bounce back up onto the curb to avoid being hit by a taxi cab. ‘Listen Steve darling, talking and walking is not going to work for me now, how about sending me a detailed text message about your plans.’ “Absolutely, love”, he responded and the phone line clicked closed.

The Paris Baguette was not too far away, only on 7th Avenue, theater district. There I could unwind at their upstairs dining room, sit comfortably, enjoy a Green Tea Latte , refuel with a chocolate, blueberry/cheese, cheese pastry and chicken pesto sandwich.  It sounds like the perfect setting to read the text message from Steve. I pressed my index finger onto the phone and opened up the text message.

“Stacey love, I know that it is your birthday this weekend and I want you to be my guest and be with me that special day. If you say yes, Charles, my chauffeur will be at your disposal, please, do not bring a thing, just you! Just telephone Charles at 868-xxx-xxxx, now!”

This was too good to be true, but fairy tales do happen, especially in New York City. It is a fast city, fast crowds, fast relationships, however, Steve and I have been dating for quite some time. Before I knew it the silver limousine was whisking me away to an undisclosed location. Charles made contact through a rear seat console speaker phone and divinely offered me a glass of Moet from the limousine bar.  I did not reject this offer.  The limousine approached a hand crafted black iron gate that automatically opened upon Charles voice prompt. We escalated up to a mountain top and perched upon it was the most spectacular modern mansion with views. low-tideThe golden sun was setting and reflected this beautiful sky array against the glass structure. The clouds swirled around like the chilled impressions made against my glass of Moet. Pools of water softly swirled into the distance as the low tide drifted to meet the large river currents. This was an amazing find because it was just a few hours drive up the New York State Thruway. Steve welcomed me at the stone arched entry, we hugged, turned our faces towards the Hudson River view and watched with amazement the silhouetted foliage against the tranquil sky. Our weekend was set.

This page created for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt…

Thursday photo prompt – Low Tide #writephoto