Tissues In The Tummy

Once upon a time, many years ago, those high school days, my friend had a dog named Little Spot. She was such a tiny dog and much smaller than a Chiwawa. One day Little Spot tipped over the wicker basket and made her way through some tissues to a tampon and ate it. Poor dogs stomach expanded beyond salvation and whenever I walk Lacey those tissues on the roadside becomes a major issue.

Frozen In Winter



Today was in the forties and pleasant enough to venture outside for a short observation walk with the dog. Along the trail-side sticks protruded through the frozen swamp water and I anticipate it to be frozen tomorrow. The reflection of blue sky and clouds created a collage of color and added depth to a photo capture. Winter wind did not affect the crisp brown leaves that dangled off of trees throughout the woods. The leaves remained from Autumn and added a bright happy feeling to a winters scene.