Spring in January!

Two days of delightful spring-like weather arrived. I decided to take a bicycle ride to the big box grocery store. Upon my return I ventured off with Lacey dog for a short observation of nature walk by the lake. The temperature reading posted online, 56 degrees, but it most certainly felt like 65 degrees! On the roadside green grass pokes up through the fallen dead leaves, vines still grow and display a luscious rich green. A small abandoned nest nestled in a bush now houses a few forgotten autumn leaves. The birds that occupied it probably took shelter inside hollow tree trunks for the winter.



A driver of an old rusted noisy pick-up truck pulled his vehicle around towards the shore. Undoubtedly an anxious fisherman wanting to fish. He hurdled large rocks onto the ice to test its thickness and then drove off down the winding road. The ice looks thin to site but his test proved it is very thick. Tomorrow will be the same and it makes sense to head for the wooded trail.


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