Another Spectacular Colorful Day

Today it is cloudy, the leaves are slightly bouncing up and down. The weather is deciding shall it rain or just stay gray. Yesterday was quite the opposite, a glorious day. As I stood in line at the local handy stop store the people’s eyes were beaming with delight and they commented on it being a spectacular day. Autumn – it’s here!

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Autumn – It’s Here!

Windy days present problems when one wants to take photo captures. No matter how still your camera is the foliage waves back and forth. Nature has its way of not being very cooperative.  But the vibrant colors are streaming throughout the woods and this coming weekend I suggest everyone take advantage of it now!

The lake was especially windy at the dock. I decided to park the bicycle and have a quick-lunch. A couple pulled up their trailer and regardless of the wind decided to embark  onto the rough water with kayaks. Two other cyclists stopped to watch the activity and then took off onto the trail. Although it not being a spectacular day for taking many captures I decided to post a few to get you into the spirit of what to expect on the trails and into the woods this coming weekend.

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Sunflowers Have Faded


The bright yellow sunflowers in the backyard have faded and fallen by chipmunks and squirrels. They jumped upon the long stalks to harvest its seeds. The sunflowers were grown for wildlife to appreciate as well as for my own backyard pleasure. This season has been especially unpredictable with unheard of warm spells, however, the tomato plants are still active. Autumn colors have not transpired like last years glorious displays. Perhaps it is due to the lack of rainfall. I remembered  going out in a rain shower for a walk and able to enjoy the landscapes. I enjoy Autumn when nature progresses each week to winter. It is time to take the bicycle out for a tour and analyze what nature has in store for me to capture. 🙂