Fall-icious part seven

Today, Saturday, the sky has cast a very gloomy gray color. There is a dense cloud cover with no sunlight to shimmer through the woods. What was once decorated with vibrant color is now a swamp preparing itself for winter. In a thick brush I could barely see a black bear swinging its head back and forth holding nose in air. As usual, it was trying to cross over a busy route. I did not stop and just yelled out “bear go back”. November weather is warm and the bears hesitate going into hibernation. Luckily there are still some wild berries and grapes. But the berries are drying out. And, it may be the reason for the bears to be hitting local garbage cans for food. This past week, the night before garbage pick up, overturned cans littered the street. In a few weeks if the weather continues to be warm there will be an adjustment to their food palate. Today I will stay off the trails. Over to the side of a parking lot, piled up by the wind were striking yellow and green leaves. Naturally bright and in need of no sunshine,  I just had to capture its beauty. Seedlings sheltered and nestled in-between golden-yellow, vibrant green leaves.

Surprisingly, my Fall-icious Collection keeps growing! Even though the season is winding down and the trees, foliage are becoming stark naked, patches of Autumn colors drapes the grounds.

And I still have previous weeks captures to post …

But in a few short weeks this will end. Sigh!  I may squeeze in another fall season at this location while working to construct a tiny house on wheels from found materials etc. The plan is to rent land and spend time at farms to gain more creative inspiration and applying it to canvas. It would be grand to erect a portable framed out canvas wall tent as an art studio. Living off grid will also include its daily tasks of collecting wood, gardening and maintaining a site. Overall, it will be a healthier lifestyle. It is a must to venture out seeking peace of mind and an alternate lifestyle when there is absolutely no sustainable employment in sight at cities, suburbs. It makes sense to make every day a Fall-icious day!