It was a Friday and the graphics art studio at the printing firm was noisy with ad sales, and creative staff chatter. The typesetter sat typing viciously to meet the newspaper deadline. Chastity was working articulately on a local merchant ad and asked me to come over to her cluttered work station for feed back. Chastity was a slender young artist, ahead of her time, with flowing long colored blonde hair that sat partly stylized on the crown of her head. This was the hair style for the 80’s era! Her skin was naturally pale powdered white, dashing large almond eyes that showcased caked makeup. It was not very flattering for such a beautiful girl and person. Being also a Mary Kay consultant this sight made me cringe because the contrasts of stark flat black thick eyeliner, dark royal blue eye shadow against pale skin, super red lipstick, shouted out for help. The image portrayed a hostess that was featured on a midnight vampire show. I approached Chastity with a life turning change by offering a suggested opportunity to become a cosmetic consultant. She loved the idea because this allowed taking creative talents to new heights and included being a cosmetic challenge. Employment doors soon opened up for the both of us. Chastity followed a career in real estate and I was hired at a direct marketing company. We kept in touch through our Mary Kay channels and Chastity was flourishing with a constant stream of new clients. One day I was contacted to help assist her with a fabulous client located at Danbury, Connecticut. It was going to be a large cosmetic party event. This would be a perfect networking environment. We both did very well with presentation and Chastity became increasingly passionate about her developing skills. After the party we headed back to Westchester County, New York. My old creamy yellow Cutlass Supreme was gliding along on the semi-elevated thruway when over to the right a few miles away and up in the lucid night sky we noticed a gigantic leisurely moving, murky metallic oblong craft. The size of a professional foot ball field that had oval lights defining its shape. This was no weather balloon, blimp, kite, military or domestic flight being observed. We both positively identified it as a UFO. Nothing on Earth would compare to this craft! Could it be from that rusty looking planet Mars? The thruway exit came up fast and this led to a route towards Lake Carmel. A two lane road with absolutely no street lights. We were both excited about our encounter but had no clue what was silently hovering just a few short miles down that pitched dark road! Suddenly, it both struck our eyes instantly, clearly defined, a flying saucer. I felt as if it could read my thoughts. And yes, I was scared because this was no time in my life to be taking any trip to Mars! Incredible as it seems, right before our eyes was a flying saucer! A typical traditional saucer brightly reflecting luminous round lights. The body was shimmering a silver color and it’s roof had a small light atop its antenna.  These radiant lights beamed down onto the tranquil lake water as if it was in exploration mode. Was it a research and development ship that housed lizard eyed alien scientists working on an experimental project? It undoubtedly was related to that mother ship we just spotted on the thruway. My car came to a full stop at the intersection, I veered left and did not take the time for idling. It was a confusing moment and should I make contact? At one point I do remember flickering the headlights on and off hoping to somehow make communication. There was a sense of dimensional change, fear and then fearless. Flick! Flick! I knew that my headlights could not be missed by this craft because we were totally exposed! However, we also did not want to become their next science test subject. Chastity and I were in a total shock and kept looking behind the car to see if it was following our direction. Finally the parking lot from work was in view. I dropped Chastity off at her car and then sped into the darkness constantly looking out the window, up at the sky until I reached home. The next day it was all over the news about the UFO’s appearances. Even police officers were interviewed by reporters and they informed the public about encounters on that particular night. The UFOs made appearances for weeks without any known governmental interference. Everyone was on high alert trying not to make second guesses of oddities found on roads or up in the midnight sky. Over the years many observations have been reported at Westchester County. Globally it has been reported about craft formations with advanced technological skills appearing above large cities. Today, NASA Mars exploration streams back to earth images of a planet that lends itself the appearance of once being a highly advanced Martian civilization. Now lying in a ruinous condition. One could only imagine this being our future demise. I did have within that week another identical encounter with that massive looking craft. People were pulling off to the side of the road, getting out of their vehicles, gazing with amazement at a possible visit from Mars.

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