Fall-icious part three

This past weekend New Jersey received very chilly windy weather, even some snow squalls! Today, it was incredibly warm!   I decided to take a bicycle spin over to the entrance of the trail. The sun cast down through the yellow and green leafed trees creating a golden dim glow.As I approached my destination it came to my realization that only three cars were parked in the gravelled lot. Then I knew that it would be a short trip. One stocky robust looking woman was hiking towards me and I inquired if she observed seeing any black bears in the woods. Sometimes I wonder when coming across humans on an isolated trail if it is best to break the ice with a pleasant hello, gesture of a nice day. The ragged hard looking woman did not break her stride and while grasping a HUGE timber in one hand as if it were a sword, huffed, puffed an answer back to me. “If there’s a black bear in close proximity THIS will be my protection.” Uh! Oh! This is getting weird, I thought but maybe I should also be put on high alert. Enough to seek out a wooden sword similar in size on the side of the trail for dueling a bear. A handy piece of security that could be strapped onto the bicycle as a last resort of protection. I continued bicycling for a short distance and an approaching hand holding couple was walking on the trail like attached love doves. How sweet it would be to have a strong New Jersey man with bulging muscles that could ward off any charging bears as a security system and back-up. Sigh! But they too were also heading towards the parking lot. Now three people left the trail and I had that gut feeling of instantly being vulnerable to the world. In this type of situation it’s best to play it safe and call it a day. Bear spray will be an item added to the survival list. On a positive note, I seized the moments of Autumn and nice captures!

Leaves that were bright yellow a few days ago are now golden brown.

Back home inside the fenced back yard!

I do have much more to post from last week and will be adding those captures as the Season of Autumn continues…