She was Used, Smart, Hidden, Torn … Shattered … but loved by many…

Something beckoned for me to ride further down the road on the mountain bike. Perhaps the lure of discovering more fall foliage captures or something else to find on the side of the road. I passed through the motorcycle parking lot and observed in the spanking shiny windows all the latest clean machines for sale. Then I headed down towards the bright yellow antique metal barn. Right before the barn was a very sad-looking old antique house in need of repair. The occupants obviously were doing fall cleaning and piled up onto the side of the road was all sorts of used items. Displayed at the curb side was a depressed-looking rusted chair, dusty wooden magazine holder, plastic broken toys. There was also a vinyl blue cooler that with some cleaning and duck tape to repair its liner could haul some frozen food, drinks or art supplies. It would make a decent knock around bag to put into my black wired bicycle basket! There was even a pouch compartment for a cell phone! But what really caught my eye sitting atop a sky blue plastic container was an old book with large red type that read Marilyn Monroe CONFIDENTIAL. Who could refuse not picking up this confidential information! I flipped the cover open and started to read about her seamstress views about Marilyn that I never knew about! This intrigued me, so it was tossed into my front basket. I am glad that I did, a totally excellent quick read that delved into her lifestyle behind the scenes. Her obsessed love to being nude and more…

To the left of the rusted chair there was standing a soggy cardboard color print of what I believed could have been Marilyn as a young child. I imagined that it was her sitting on a log, alongside the childhood friend talking about past experiences of living at foster homes and not having her mother to show for any comfort. The book cover tells most about her hidden private life and what it was like living at Hollywood and New York City. And the print incredibly was compatible to Marilyn’s story. Unfortunately, for the soggy color print, some things do need to be left at the side of the road.

Marilyn Monroe, Confidential is a recommended read for those that want to know more about Marilyn!


Fall-icious! part one

It is incredible how quickly nature makes it changes. Today I went out onto the trail and noticed many people out and about on their bicycles or hiking! For a Monday I thought that this was quite odd.  Anyway I was hoping to capture more of the blue berries but could not find it! Perhaps the bears and birds already made off with it. But I also noticed that other vegetation was gone too! So you better get out there to enjoy this seasons gorgeous colors!  Here are some highlights!