It’s Raining Ducks

It is still raining out, pouring ducks and fortunate to have the duck umbrella with me. Earlier I took the bicycle out for a spin and noticed the sky clouding up and this afternoon decided it would be best to grab the duck umbrella and take off by foot. On the trail there was a man commenting he was not prepared for this weather. All I could do was smile and strolled by boasting my plastic duck umbrella! By the way this was one of the things I found on the side of the road! Further into my walk there was a community lakeside bulletin board with a small shelter over it. I found another hiker trying to escape the rain, a male, pasted to the board as if pinned. Perhaps someone should do a poll questioning, who is more prepared for the rain, males or females? By the lake I followed the trail into the woods despite the dark cloud overcast and rain. Here is a sampling of what was captured . . .

The weed tree that no one likes but I do, especially at fall!







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