It’s Raining Ducks

It is still raining out, pouring ducks and fortunate to have the duck umbrella with me. Earlier I took the bicycle out for a spin and noticed the sky clouding up and this afternoon decided it would be best to grab the duck umbrella and take off by foot. On the trail there was a man commenting he was not prepared for this weather. All I could do was smile and strolled by boasting my plastic duck umbrella! By the way this was one of the things I found on the side of the road! Further into my walk there was a community lakeside bulletin board with a small shelter over it. I found another hiker trying to escape the rain, a male, pasted to the board as if pinned. Perhaps someone should do a poll questioning, who is more prepared for the rain, males or females? By the lake I followed the trail into the woods despite the dark cloud overcast and rain. Here is a sampling of what was captured . . .

The weed tree that no one likes but I do, especially at fall!







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The Tree That Could Not Be Overlooked

The day started off just right, it was clear, sunny but then as afternoon turned up so did the weather. Although, it was not raining there were a few darkened rain clouds up in the sky. The sun was playing its game with lighting, however, this did not prevent me from going to the trail. Let me tell you, surprisingly, I made some great captures. Too many for one random post!  This evening, after going through many photos that highlighted a beautiful trail and woods there was one tree that outshone many. The tree was not located in those rich woods but stood on the edge of the swamp alongside an old crumbling commercial storage building. I had to stop so I pulled my bicycle over to the side of the building and was mesmerized by its colorful beauty. Previously this tree was passed by me on many a day but today there is just no words to express my feeling that a tree has generated, truly a gift! Thank you, tree.