Fall Inspiration

Fall is that time of year for inspiration. Bold colors adorns the foliage and changes the hues of water. Today, I noticed some transformation taking place and within the next few weeks the landscapes will be totally breathtaking! A glimpse of fallFall brings about a shock wave of ideas to put into writing, painting, weaving and dreams. It is that season for creating and recharging the batteries for the year! I do get excited about spring, however, summer and winter is a lull period for me. There is nothing that tops the fall!  At this time there is still allot of greenery and the colors are bunching up here and over there. The colors are exposing itself as if an artist is dabbing color onto a canvas. Vines wrapped around trees form colored ropes that climb up, down, and around. All I want for Christmas is FALL FALL FALL! Color climbing a tree

It amazes me the transformation of season in relation to my daily bicycle travels. I have taken photographs of the same area and duh per season it truly changes. And, duh, no one notices. They are all caught up with a routine that diffuses their sense of experiencing the environment in which lived. Wake Up! Get Out!

Notice the details!

At this little bridge I stopped to take this capture and a man on a motorcycle came zipping abruptly up to me and said, hello. It was quite awkward. I believe it was a pick up attempt that failed. His motorcycle engine broke down at the spot. Oh well, I just continued peddling my bicycle down the road. LOL!

By the bridge

The leaves are ever so slightly changing color on some trees. As shown in this photo below some green leaves are changing to yellow.

A bit of change in color

These colors truly just blow me away with the vibrant hue and its richness.

Orange Crimson

Nature makes its own watercolor painting.

A natural water color

Some grasses are turning golden brown and transforms the landscape from summer into fall.

The red leaves brush against the tall green swamp grasses.

pink hues

The bird box appears to be resting until next spring.

the bird box

I believe there were some fairies dancing about upon the leaves by this pond full of dreams.

more to come this coming weekend 🙂

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