Summer Time video – mostly from yesterdays excursion

Come join me up and down the trail – captures from yesterdays bicycle ride. It amazes me how much the foliage has covered the landscape. It is very dense with vegetation. I enjoy the fall and spring because I get to go into areas that one cannot in the summer.

Summer Time Update


This summer is very different from past summers. yellowflower1The weather has been extreme from cooler temperatures to extreme hot. It has also rained allot and produced higher humidity conditions. I ventured out onto the bicycle trails and at times confronted swarms of mosquitoes so I had to keep rolling down the trail to avoid being eaten alive. On a cooler day I was able to take some interesting summer photo captures and met another biker on the trail. I inquired if he had seen any bears. The man said yes he had on a road and trail. One bear came towards him and that made a very uncomfortable feeling but he escaped any confrontation. The bicyclist  produced his cell phone to me and shared a rather startling image, a WOW image that I never would expect to see in the woods of New Jersey. Mystery WildflowersA very sharp and close image of a bobcat lurking in the woods. It was in a defensive pose close to the ground. Just like a bear that I had spotted awhile back off a main road. YIKES! I asked where he spotted this mini leopard and was told about five miles down the trail! I turned around and perhaps tomorrow will gain enough courage to venture further down that
path! Another biker came along but walking. She stopped to chat with us and explained that during the course of her day had three flat tires. yellowflower3I surely do not want to be stranded walking about with wild animals on a desolate trail. It did not seem to phase her in the least and explained that in her town that bears and wildlife dart in and out of backyards. At least there are people around if things go awry, I thought. There would be more of a chance to survive! Regardless, as usual I found the beauty of the woods, flowers, trees, water pools and cattails laden in the swamp.

In the woodsswamp1