In The Heat Of The Day!

It is a hot one today, I have the fan blowing and it helps just a wee bit. Just blows that hot air around and around. I have been busy investigating some marketing ventures. And that takes up allot of time! Walking and bicycle riding up and down the road in the heat and have not discovered any interesting objects to add to the road side finds. One bent snow shovel but will post that later. LOL – at least it offers some coolness from this dead heat. I was able to catch up on some tweeting and posted a video highlighting a classical music tune. Also did a narration on a news topic that I have been meaning to cover. So I have been keeping myself busy. Spring has passed and as you can see the greenery and flowers are filling up the landscape. Hopefully when the weather breaks I will venture further into a village and see what is happening locally. Keep cool!

Yellow Flowers In The Field