The Information Highway!

Do you remember when it was so exciting to hear that “you have mail” voice when AOL first came into the mainstream media? The internet was hot! Everyone was jumping onto the information highway looking for connections, opportunities. A FREE market place. I know that a book could be published with all of those online dates! In 2001 I had a dream of painting digital. So I had painted it! My interpretation of what the internet was at the time titled, ‘Painting Digital’!


‘Natures Bounty’

I am starting to go through the closet and getting into the urge to complete and paint more paintings. Of course, I also love to hike in the woods and take photos but those booger tics are in abundance this year. Even along the side of the road. Meanwhile, here is a painting that was scooped up out of the closet corner that I did titled ‘Natures Bounty’, oil on canvas.


Their BACK!

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Their Back’

These two gnomes appear to be guarding the base of a mailbox at the side of the road. Every year the two gnomes just show up presenting flowers and a mushroom. It is a jungle out there, especially when it comes to the side of the road. I often wonder how they land at the same spot and miraculously survive not getting hit by a car, lawn mower or postal truck!