C’mon! Every Day Should Be Mothers Day!

I would like to forget mothers day with its relationship to a Greek Cult or Roman Godess. The 1908 American revival of Mothers day also leaves a sourly taste. mothersdayflowergrocery4Anna Jarvis, a community organizer and probably a progressive activist in her time pushed for this holiday to commemorate her mother. We all have this in common, a mother. In order to make a profit, corporations have controlled this market each year through flower, candy sales. Dining out also became a popular social event on mothers day. Until recently and insane as it is, I have never thought about the history of Mothers Day. Mothers Day was a day that arrived and was celebrated each year and that was it! Oh my God, I have been conditioned and that is frightening. Today, corporations are attempting to change the natural course of birthing through eugenics. Eliminating mothers altogether. The no sex generation is their target market. I would like to see mothers being celebrated every day because it is very special to be a mother. Dads also have their day too but mothers are natural nurturers. How can we make mothers days be better? I think through kindness and being respectful is a great start. There are allot of single mothers out in the world today and that job must be daunting. And, it should be a number one top priority to make sure there will always be mothers! What kind of world would we be living in without mothers!

One thought on “C’mon! Every Day Should Be Mothers Day!

  1. 👍 Every day is mum’s day indeed, lemonchronicle! !!!
    I like your merry, colourful blog. I will surely peer into it much more.
    Wish you joy😁 and light 🌞and love💜


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