What do you think happened?

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘FREAKY, Stretch Jeans’

Speechless! This morning I went on my daily Lacey dog walk and could not believe my eyes! On the side of the road was a torn up product package with a pair of NEW stretch jeans. Now, I could use a pair of these! Earlier it rained and these found jeans were dry. I have narrowed down the toss time to being about 10:30 a.m.  thingsifindonroad21stretchjeansI often wondered if people are reading this blog and intentionally are throwing things out on the side of the road. If so please throw out money! But from time to time even prior to this blog I found items such as a fairly new crossword puzzle in its box.  It included all of its thousands of pieces, two beautiful room sized hooked rugs (I did a video on the rugs awhile ago),  a pair of black high tech sun glasses at the bus stop, a restaurant over-sized spoon that is great for garden digging in style, a auto ratchet, many of those stretchy thingsifindonroad22black rubberized tie downs, deer antler, heavy duty bolts and nuts, rolls of super wide colored strapping tape . . . I think that it is time for another walk, perhaps there is a new top to go with the jeans out there!

Again, I am speechless, so can you tell me how the new package of stretch jeans ended up at the side of the road?

Please note: I could use a size 8 pair of hiking boots, sneakers, garden shoes, t shirts, canvas walled tent, circular saw, nail gun, assorted carpentry tools, auto…

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