‘Shedding Skin’

Series Title: ‘Spring Transformation’

Title: ‘Shedding Skin’

I was not aware that trees shed its skin. If someone knows about this type of condition and if it is a seasonal event, please let me know.

'Shedding Skin' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Shedding Skin’
by elizabeth mclaughlin

3 thoughts on “‘Shedding Skin’

  1. Sure, it’s seasonal. Lots of different trees shed their bark – the Madrone of the Pacific Northwest, the gum trees of Australia, to name a couple. That one looks like a Birch, or an Aspen. What part of the world is it in? Cheers, B. J.

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      • I thought it must be up in the Northeast somewhere. I’ve been to New England once for a couple of months bicycling. Your photos remind me of those woods. I’m really enjoying your series. I’m in the desert now and miss the trees and all the small things beneath. Thanks.

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