‘Last Call’

How do you think these items ended up on the side of the road?

One Capture of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Last Call’

Billy walked out of the house and did not look back. He just had a confrontation with his father about not being able to find any employment. There has to be some kind of work perhaps in another State because New York does not have anything to offer. Billy completed college with a degree in marketing and also had work experience under his belt but every opportunity slowly disintegrated before his eyes.

Billy was now on the road for two full months, hitting food pantries along the way and sleeping out of the car. His spirits were becoming very low as each door and pavement he pounded inquiring for work left him speechless.

'Last Call' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Last Call’
by elizabeth mclaughlin

On the cell phone Bill would check every day for any responses via email to his endless responses to ads that boasted, hiring now! It was getting late as he drove onto the exit ramp at Parsippany, New Jersey. The cell phone rang that familiar tune, “On The Road Again”. Quickly Billy pulled over and flipped the silver lid to the cell phone, it went dead. His time ran out and absolutely no more money to reactivate the service. And, this is how the cell phone ended up at the side of the road.


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