‘Down To The Core’

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Down To The Core’

Whenever I come across a apple it reminds me of New York City. The big Apple!  This particular apple eaten down to the core is symbolic to me of how all the politicians such as Cuomo and DeBlasio, Bloomberg have taken all that the apple has to offer. They ate it down to its core.

thingsifindonroad7applecoreThe past few days brought warmth and patches of greenery. The fallen leaves of last season became a rich fertilizer and spring showers will replenish the earth. No one notices the details of every day living. All driving with speeding importance going nowhere. Music could be heard blaring out the silver SUV window as it worked its way through  traffic. Cars were also slowing down to a stop. The sounds of the busy route could now be heard … I stopped to listen …
No don’t throw that apple out the window! Robert,  I told you NOT TO THROW THAT APPLE out the window.

This is what happened to the apple at the side of the road.


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