‘Swamp Pool’

Series Title: ‘Spring Transformation’

Title: ‘Swamp Pool’

I like this area, and during the summer I pull over the bicycle to venture into that specific place. At summer I have to wear boots and be careful because the ground is saturated. Today, it was dry so I did some peeking about. This time of year believe it or not the tics are out.


‘Blue Wildflowers’

Series Title: ‘Spring Transformation’

Title: ‘Blue Wildflowers’

I went for a bicycle ride and on a side road found a line of blue wildflowers. Truly amazing color, rich blue in color. I hopped off the bicycle to get a close up capture. So happy to see some flowers.


‘Swamp Greenery’

I thought that it would be a creative idea to also start a series titled, ‘Springtime Transformation’. Capturing the surrounding woods, swamps, trails as the season changes into summer. Today is a perfect day to get that bicycle out and roll to the bike trail. This morning I went walking along the road and took some photos of the swamp. Already I hear thousands of frogs chirping. It should be a good year for swamp vegetation and wildlife.springtransformation1swamp

‘Shattered Dreams’

How do you think these items ended up on the side of the road?

One of a series titled ‘Things I Find On the Side Of the Road’

Photo Capture: ‘Shattered Dreams’

Chastity made sure that she was up bright and early because it was Christmas Day. Usually the family congregates at the bottom of the antique staircase because this is where the main Christmas tree was displayed. Its stand was a huge deep shiny brass sculpted bath tub fit for a king. Undoubtedly, it was a original kings bathtub. The night before family members and invited guests had a hunters brunch and then decorated the twenty four foot spruce tree while walking up the four story staircase. ‘Devin, Chastity’s father greeted everyone and when it was her turn to receive a Santa gift he guided her to the library window.

'Shattered Dreams'

‘Shattered Dreams’

“Close your eyes and Open up your hand”, Devin said., as he pressed a key into her hand and “open your eyes”. Chastity screamed with delight, “daddy thank you so much, thank you so much” and she rushed frantically out the grand front entry door. There parked in the circular driveway was a brand new black Mercedes sports convertible. The car was adorned with a big red glittering bow, ivy, and trim. The scene looked like a television commercial ad. All that was missing were some elves. For months she could only dream and talk about was that car and now she has it! Chastity jumped right into the drivers seat and sped away for a test drive and did not even care that she still had her nightgown on and pink satin slippers. Zipping around the curves and heading towards route 206 all of a sudden her satin slipper slided off the clutch and Chastity lost control of the car. It flipped over once and crashed into the huge elm tree. Sirens could be heard in the distance.
And this is how the shattered crystalyne rear view mirror ended up at the side of the road.