‘Barn In The Distance’

Series Title: ‘Summer Transformation’

Title: ‘Barn In The Distance’

'Barn In The Distance' by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Barn In The Distance’
by elizabeth mclaughlin

‘Swamp Pool’

Series Title: ‘Spring Transformation’

Title: ‘Swamp Pool’

I like this area, and during the summer I pull over the bicycle to venture into that specific place. At summer I have to wear boots and be careful because the ground is saturated. Today, it was dry so I did some peeking about. This time of year believe it or not the tics are out.


‘Blue Wildflowers’

Series Title: ‘Spring Transformation’

Title: ‘Blue Wildflowers’

I went for a bicycle ride and on a side road found a line of blue wildflowers. Truly amazing color, rich blue in color. I hopped off the bicycle to get a close up capture. So happy to see some flowers.